Volunteering Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Today I’ve been missing in action because I was volunteering at a green festival.  There were many great ideas there on how to save our planet.  Most tell us we only have ten years to get our act together or their won’t be much of an Earth left for our grandchildren.  Now, people like to live in denial about the ecological issues we’re currently facing, but that’s no different then never cleaning your house and denying it’s dirty.   The dust, dirt, and grime from our living and use of fossil fuels are going to kill us if we don’t turn to sustainable energy and strive toward less waste.  Many recycle their metals, plastics, and papers, but we’ve got to do more.

In regard to the illegal immigrant argument I’d say the Earth needs our immediate attention more than conducting raids which put anyone that cannot immediately prove they’re legal into detention.  The Earth will be inhabitable if we don’t start looking out for one another and taking care of it.  Many countries do not have the luxuries we have here in America.  Not every country has twenty-four hour access to electricity or the internet.  It’s about time we stopped acting like elitists who, by divine right, deserve to have things others have no hope of ever obtaining.  We need to teach compassion, share, and make sure this world, not just America, is a great and clean place to live.


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