Lakewood, NJ – Americans Together Secure Our Borders Rally – Kathleen Appell and Diane Reaves

Kathleen Appell is from a group called C4ICE, or Citizens (of Pennsylvania) for Immigration Control and Enforcement. On this group’s website there is the following quote:

On June 6, 1944 (D-Day), 100,000 troops landed at Normandy. It was called an invasion. Today, we have 12-20 million illegal aliens who have crossed the border into the United States, how can this not be considered an invasion???

Basically they use the same hate rhetoric as every other anti-immigration group. Trying to compare a bunch of workers here illegally to troops with guns is ridiculous. Not to mention that every US soldier who served in World War II should be offended because their fight for the world is now being compared to illegal immigration. It’s hard for me to imagine how the insanity of this comparison escapes these anti-immigrant groups. C4ICE is basically declaring that they do not agree with the “invasion” of Normandy which was a pivotal part of our ending the war. At least World War II was a response to actions being carried out by Hitler as opposed to the illegal war which we are currently involved in.

Despite the hate you can find on the C4ICE website, to Kathleen’s credit, she showed how you can give an anti-illegal immigration speech without demonizing Hispanics and without any real hate speech. Sadly though, Diane Reaves is not quite as capable.

Diane Reaves:

Thank you Carmen. America is the home of the brave and the land of the free, but that freedom and bravery has come at a price and if you are not willing to pay the price you have no right to be here in my country. (First off those that “paid the price” aren’t around to enjoy that which they bought. They gave their lives so that we could be free not so that we could have hate rallies against foreigners) America doesn’t want the huddled masses that only wish to come here to steal whatever they can get their hands on. (Who is she talking about? Please help me figure this out.) Because you are not welcome here. You are not wanted here. (Audience says “that’s right” after each statement.) We don’t buy into the lies about coming here to make a better life for you and your family because we all want a better life too. If we allowed every single impoverished human being from all over the planet to come to America for a better life we would be completely destroyed. (At least we’d be destroyed by compassion for others and not hatred and bigotry.) That’s why our immigration laws are so important in this country. To put a cap on the numbers we allow in to this country. Otherwise we will end up being just another third world nation. (Yes folks, this is a white supremacist rally cry. Though Diane probably is not a white supremacist she certainly has no problem using their rhetoric.) (Audience says “you’re right.” applause) As American legal citizens who pay our taxes and obey our laws (I’m sorry, but everybody breaks the law. Though they may be tiny little laws, they’re are still broken daily.) our ancestors were not willing to break the laws, steal, rob, or kill for it and we’re not willing to allow you to do so either. (How can these people be so delusional? Diane is of Italian descent. Doesn’t she know that Italians were lynched in this country and thought of terribly? Are those the brave ancestors we’re talking about?) (crowd applauds.)

Next I’d like to introduce Kathleen Apel. Kathleen has spent over twenty years as a medical consultant specializing in technology specific to dermatologist and plastic surgeons. Since 2004 Kathleen has devoted significant time and effort to issues pertaining to illegal immigration including acting as media coordinator for Citizens of Pennsylvania for Immigration Reform and Enforcement which was founded by Marge Adlesberg and Alice Mulfit (check). Please welcome Kathleen Appell. (audience applauds.)

Kathleen Appell:

Ok, has everybody gotten the anger out? (She laughs and the audience says “no.”) We’ll start playing some spa music. Um, I want to thank Diane, uh, for allowing me to participate in her moment of glory. (This is a moment of glory?) For those of us that, um, are here I want to thank you very much for all your efforts and it’s wonderful to see so many American flags and to those in the back I have to make a point that we welcome you, but we agree with President Rosevelt in that there’s room for only one flag in this country. (much applause.) There’s a caveat to that. We welcome you if you’re legal. Um, yesterday I had the honor of testifying before the Pennsylvania Legislatures Policy committee which was sponsored by and held in the arch enemies den known as the chamber of commerce. Uh, it’s difficult to describe how it feels to sit in silence and listen to a chamber president and heads of various businesses plead and defend their case for yet more illegal alien workers. (Yes, these are not human beings they’re just illegal alien workers.) However, the good news is euphoria came when our state representative Daryl Metcalfe stood up and tore down, one by one, all their false claims. And for those of you not familiar with Representative Metcalf I would suggest you get in touch with Marge Adelsburger, the founder of C for ICE, who has a conference call scheduled with him next week. Um, we consider him the, um, the Pennsylvania legislatures rendition of Sheriff Joe Arpaio without the badge. (she laughs) Um, the chamber’s president publicly made some derogatory remarks about the information that I provided to the legislatures and a local reporter, as you usual, mis-quoted a statement I made during the interview. Three years ago I probably would have been offended by either or both of these incidences. Today I feel satisfaction knowing that I hit on hot button issues when I started to reveal the truth. There facts and statistics that they don’t want known. Statistics, dire as they may be are vital when presenting our case to the media, the public, or legislatures. They are also required when we educate those who recent, those who have recently awakened to the fact that a future invasion of Iraq pails in comparison to the current invasion in our country. (audience “that’s right.”) (What? A future invasion. Isn’t this 2007? How can tens of thousands of people dying by the hands of our own troops pail in comparison to people coming to American to work? This is insane propaganda.) To report these statistics to those present today, and I dare say it’s all of you, is analogous to, um, preaching to the choir. I think you all know them, you probably know a lot more than I do. (Well at least they’re all good at making them up.) Um, but as a refresher I think it’s important that those who may not know all of the facts be aware of some of the following.

Drug smugglers and cartels which, according to CNN’s Turner analyst Peter Bergen, also includes Al Qaeda and it’s now estimated to be a three hundred billion dollar a year industry. (Who’s buying them?) We can all use our imagination as to who receives a portion of profits in return for their silence and failure to act, but I’ll leave that up to you.

2.2 billion dollars a year is spent on food assistance programs such as food stamps, WIC, and free lunch programs for illegal aliens. (Well if Americans were doing the jobs they’re doing wouldn’t they also be too poor to afford these things? How does one survive on $7 dollar per hour?)

2.5 billion dollars a year is spent on Medicaid for illegals.

12 billion dollars is spent on primary and secondary education for children here illegally. (My goodness. How could we educate THEM?)

17 billion dollars a year is spent for education for American born children of illegals.

3 million dollars a day is spent to incarcerate illegal aliens.

90 billion dollars a year is spent on illegal aliens for welfare and social services, or one thing that isn’t really known, probably by many, is when we keep hearing eleven to twelve illegals immigrants in this country you’re talking figures that go back years. The current estimate is at least thirty million illegals are in this country right now. (Where is this data from?)

I doubt that I can further educate any of you with more statistical information, but what I would like to accomplish today, and I think it’s important is that every one take time – every one of us involved in this movement – take time to reflect not only the work in from of us, but the results that we’ve accomplished to date.

Three years ago Dr. Kesselman was talking about her involvement and I reflected that three years ago I though I was the only person in my area that was aware of the increasing number of obvious illegals walking around. (What is an obvious illegal?) As the numbers grew so to did my frustration. In this long dark path we are walking sometimes (I agree.) towards effecting immigration reform (Do you want enforcement or reform?) My first ray of light came when I was informed that there was a group of immigration reform activist in Warminster headed by Marge and Alice. I felt like a prayer had been answered. (Is God now involved in immigration reform? Is it Godly to besmirch and abandon others because of the laws of man?) My happiness quickly disappeared when I met the members of what is now C for ICE, who sharing their knowledge of the real illegal immigration crisis with me forced me to accept the fact that the situation was far worse than then twenty illegals who were trimming the trees and grass in my complex. At that point it was too late to walk away and return to, what most of us, what most people in American are experiencing which is a blissful state of ignorance. When I wish, as we all do, at times, that I had not been pulled into this movement I realize had I not I would never have met some of the finest, most honorable people I’ve ever known. (audience applauds.) You know, when family and friends often not as passionate as we are regarding this illegal alien debacle can empathize with our frustration we must recognize how fortunate we are that we have each other and that includes thousands and thousands spread across the United States. Not only those of us who are here. While the subject matter of ninety-nine percent of our emails contains information on this issue surrounding illegal immigration the remaining one percent presented us with opportunities to send congratulations to other activists regarding a recent accomplishment, prayers and best wishes for ill babies, mates, or fellow members or as in Diane’s case support and encouragement to keep fighting for what at times appeared a losing cause. In the future I have no doubt that we will forget the enemies we know encounter. Which I include La Raza, the ACLU, the Chamber of Commerce, many in Congress and we could go on for an hour. (she laughs) I also have no doubt that we will long remember, such people such as Marge and Alice for having the foresight and courage to start an immigration reform group, Bruce DeCell and Peter Gatiel who keep alive the memory of the victims of 9/11. (Though I grieve at their loss I do not believe that preaching hate will keep anyone’s memory alive.) (Audience claps.) Carmen, Joe, and Mariann, Colenel Rodriguez and other YDSFM members who truly stepped out of the shadows. (To preach hate?) They’re the ones who stepped out of the shadows and spread light on patriotic legal Hispanics opposing illegal immigration. (Depending how you think the whole premise of their group is questionable. We need look no further than America to see that people of similar backgrounds can indeed hate one another and if Carmen isn’t showing hate in her speech then I don’t know what to call it.) And then Ruth Miller, (she laughs) her relentless efforts for the cause always emphasized with her every present bullhorn (And she gets mad at me for talking about her? Well use your bullhorn to disagree then. ) And Gayle, Paul, Ed and so many others. Very talented, educate, wonderful people who are totally dedicated and who are tireless in their efforts. Diane Reaves will forever stay in my mind as the poster child for tenacity. (audience applauds) (Yes, we wouldn’t want any minorities that have suffered oppression holding that spot.)

Among the friendships forged, also count, and take time now, let’s make it a good one, what we’ve accomplished and what we now witness. The defeat of an amnesty bill, two times (applause), defeat of passage of the DREAM act (applause), platforms of more and more candidates based on securing our borders and enhancing our immigration laws. A fact that was nonexistent a few years ago. The establishment of a nationwide group founded by Representative Daryl Metcalfe. Can you tell I’m partial? Known as State Legislatures For Immigration Control. Marge Adelsburger can give you the information on the conference with him, but bear in mind that three years ago the only legislator we knew who came forth for immigration reform was Tom Tancredo. (“that’s right.”) Through Daryl’s efforts now we have hundreds who are signing on in individual states who are ready to carry the banner because of the failure of the federal government. Over one thousand anti-illegal bills have been introduced by state legislatures around the country. Many have been held in committee, that’s true, and we must fight to get them out, um, but many have passed and when you think of the failures of some of the thousands think about Irving Texas, Herden Virginia, Oklahoma, Georgia, and don’t concentrate on the Philadelphia, Newark, Los Angeles, or certain other areas in New Jersey. President Bush and the RNC, this is a good one, this will make you happy. President Bush and the RNC’s failed strategy, confirmed this week, by the resignation of Senator Mel Martinez (man yells “Ya!”) as RNC chairmen after only ten months on the job. We can ignore police chiefs in Philadelphia and Newark and assist those police officers whose hands are tied by corrupt elected leaders and believe that, with our support, among the thousands and thousands of dedicated police men there’s going to emerge a lot of Joe Arpaios. Of that I have no doubt. (audience applauds.)

Ok, ready for more? There’s more accomplishments. We have to dwell on these because it’s the fuel that keeps us going when we’re weary from the fight. It really is. You have to right them down sometimes and reflect on what we have accomplished as a group and there’s a lot of work in front of us, but we’ve accomplished a lot and we have to take time for the credit. Hey, how about the escalating number of raids by ICE? (Man says “Ya.”, “There aren’t enough.”) Uh, you know there aren’t enough, but you know what, two years ago we were reading about three raids and now we have about three a week. So it’s getting there. TV and radio show talk hosts are dedicating segments of their programs to the illegal alien reform meeting. Glenn Beck, totally passionate about the area – the subject matter. You get, right or wrong, whether you like him or not, no matter what your opinion is of him you’ve got to give Bill O’Reilly a lot of credit for taking up what George Bush and members of Congress have not done and that is calling Vicente Fox on the line for his corruption and for his involvement in our country. I mean I think he did an outstanding job and whether Fox news wanted to do it or not the fact was the impact we have as activists and their quest for ratings resulted on Vicente Fox coming on Fox News. So that’s a big accomplishment. Oh, Lou Dobbs, yes Lou Dobbs (audience applauding) – yeah, well Lou stands out you know he really has. If you look at his background and how he was sprung back and forth on business reporting and how he emerged and again, not to take anything away from him – I we will all be eternally grateful to him, but realize that we gave him a platform were CNN doubled their ratings in one year for his show. It wasn’t because of the Dow Jones, it was because he was talking about the number of illegals. He’s done an outstanding job and I’ll forever be grateful to him, but I also want to acknowledge others who have stepped forth and don’t have the reputation or the following that he did and I think that’s important and I’m sure there’s many in our local area that I haven’t named.

How about this? How about the resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez? (applause) (Man yells “Johnny Sutton.”) Well that’s next. Johnny Sutton’s next. Johnny Sutton I think there’s going to be more than resignation. I believe we’re going to see five years in jail. Well, you know that’s the other – Ramos and Campean you know – do you think that they would have gotten the notoriety they did were it not for people like us? I doubt that the Dallas Texas prosecutors would have told us about two border guards who were incarcerated for doing there job. You know, it was because of people like us who again, boy you can’t give up and you have to constantly fight for these two border agents and other policemen. You’ve got to remember we did an outstanding job by making people who never heard of border agents, let alone Ramos and Campean – to their cause so we’ve got to keep fighting, but we’ve got to take, we’ve got to sit and take a moment to reflect on how much we have to congratulate ourselves. Um, how about you know, uh the ILW which is the Association of Illegal Immigrant Attorneys. The favorite fan of ours. Um, you know we look at them and we see how these immigration attorneys who are making money off the backs of immigrants, mostly illegal, and are turning against the very people who provided them a home and an education in order for them to make money. We always talk about the immigration lawyers, but we never talk about the Chris Colbas, the Howard Fosters, and Judicial Watch. You know all attorneys aren’t corrupt. (she laughs) There is a few. There is a few and when you get people like Chris Coba who probably could be making a couple million dollars a year devoting the time and efforts he does for causes for which the return is nothing more than the satisfaction of knowing he’s defending our country. We have some pretty outstanding people in law, both in enforcement and in legal practice. Anybody else want to add to the list? You gave me Ramos and Campean, you gave me Lou Dobbs. (Audience member says Mayor Lou Barletta.”) Ah, mayor, you know Mayor Lou Barletta, um (she laughs and audience applauds) you know I want to that’s what’s amazing about that is yesterday in front of the Pennsylvania legislature um you know they’re all told that, uh Rendell – Ed Rendell was the most popular mayor Philadelphia ever had. Well, I don’t know, maybe in the ones who bribed him he is, but the people that I know who have upheld the law and one of the comments I made is about the changing role models that this movement has affected. Um, we used to look at, well they say we looked at, Ed Randell for his popularity. That’s been transferred to a small town mayor from Hazleton named Lou Barletta. Who would have known about Lou Barletta around the country? I mean Ed Randell, Ed Randell in all his years as mayor every received the notoriety that Lou Barletta did. And Lou Barletta did it by his honest actions. So you’re right Lou Barletta should never be forgotten. (The audience yells “Mayor Cresitello.”)I know, I want to meet that man. (she laughs.) I give him such credit. I really do and I give all of you, you know that’s what’s so important. We have to support these people we really do because when I look in the eyes of Tom Tancredo when he’s at meeting or I look in the eyes of Daryl Metcalfe you can see a weariness that’s common in all of us and I quite honestly don’t know how they don’t give up. I really don’t. I don’t know that I have, that I have the tenacity they do. Well we all do, but you know you only have the stamina to carry on for so long, but they do and so if everything aside, if they never accomplish anything – if Tom Tancredo never makes it to the presidency, if he never affects immigration reform, or Daryl Metcalf – if nothing else we have to respect them and admire them for everything, and all of you here to. I include all of you here for everything that you’ve done. So in closing I really do want to thank you all for your dedication and your patriotism. My father was a Naval career officer and my uncle was killed in one of the wars and two of my uncles were prisoners of war so defending this country and our flag means very much to me, it really does, and to know that so many of you are also defending the country – I mean my father used to cry, it used to embarrass me, but when they raised the American flag a tear would come down my father’s eye and now I understand why it did and that’s why there is room for only one flag. (applause) You know there is only room for one flag that’ll affect tears. You know the one flag affects tears the only flag reflects anger and resentment and you’d be far better served raising a flag that brings a tear than anger. In closing I thank all of your for your dedication and patriotism as I said, it’s an honor, it really is, to work with all of you and it’s a joy to celebrate in the accumulated victories that we’ve had that I’ve listed which are few in comparison to what really exist. So thank you and keep up the fight. (applause)


Thank you.

As the daughter of a veteran of the Korean War, a wife of a veteran of the US Army and a mother of a son who has served in the Iraq War I can honestly share that none serves this nation for open borders. I want to share today how proud I am to be an American. I want to share today how proud I am of my ancestors for all they did and all that they gave up so that I have the opportunity to stand here before you. If it wasn’t for all they did and sacrificed I would not be a legal American citizen standing on soil that my ancestors fought for so that the future generations would be able to be a part of the greatest country in the entire world. (applause.) We know for a fact that the illegal community does not merely come to America to work, earn money, and then leave. They come, work illegally, live illegally, and stay illegally. (crowd says “That’s Right.)


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