John Edwards Offers Alternative to New York Illegal Immigrant Licensing Plan

Until the government can figure out how to deal with the issue of illegal immigration and the fact that so many millions of illegal immigrants are already here we need to do something to ensure they are accounted for and are obeying our traffic laws. Though all illegal immigrants have broken at least one law their is no reason to put everyone else at risk by allowing them, through a failure to deal with the situation, to drive without licenses or insurance. I’d imagine most of these immigrants would apply for these licenses if they were made available.

John Edwards Offers Alternative to New York Illegal Immigrant Licensing Plan – Full Story
Sunday, November 04, 2007
WASHINGTON — John Edwards on Sunday said he opposes a new program in New York to give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, but the Democratic presidential candidate offered much the same plan for establishing a licensing system as his chief rival and party primary frontrunner, Hillary Clinton.The former North Carolina senator, who unequivocally supported issuing driver’s licenses to illegals when he was running for vice president in 2004, said that it should be up to the states to decide whether to issue licenses to illegals. However, once a national comprehensive immigration reform plan is passed into law, any illegal who gets on the path to citizenship should be permitted to obtain a license, he said.

“I believe that, first of all we have to have comprehensive immigration reform and for anybody in this country who is making an effort and on the path to obtaining American citizenship, yes, they should have a driver’s license. If they’re not making any effort to become an American citizen, and we have a system for doing that, my own personal view is, no, I would not give them a driver’s license,” Edwards said on ABC’s “This Week.”


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