Voice Of The People Protests Vicente Fox’s Visit To Wilkes-Barre, PA

Daniel Smeriglio and crew gathered up all the usual gang and took the trip to Wilkes-Barre to speak out against Vicente Fox. According to their website they had a full line of speakers to entertain the standard one hundred that attended their protest.

One of the people attending the speech commented on the protesters headed by Daniel:

Bolton said she thought some of the protesters’ comments were rude, but they had a right to speak their mind.

One of the protesters commented on the college having invited Vicente Fox to speak:

Walsh called Wilkes University’s hosting of Fox “a disgrace. My kid will not be attending Wilkes College anytime soon.”

Of course she can send her child to whatever college she wants (or maybe let her child decide rather than forcing), but it seems to me she’s speaking out against the rights of the university to host any speaker they’d like. That seems a little odd considering these people are supposedly fighting for the rights of Americans.

Of course a politician had to join the party:

Chris Hackett, a candidate for U.S. Rep. Chris Carney’s 10th District Congressional seat in the 2008 election, said he came to the protest to get across his message on illegal immigration, which is the need for “high fences and wide gates.”

It’s so nice to see we’re finally getting smart politicians in the ring. I agree that fences and gates will solve everything. I like “wide gates” because more people can walk through them at the same time.

Fox: Nations share problem – Full Story
Face immigration together, he says

WILKES-BARRE — Former President of Mexico Vicente Fox told an attentive audience the solution to the immigration crisis that plagues both the United States and Mexico is to “build bridges to the future.”

Vicente Fox, former president of Mexico, speaks of immigration reform at the Westmoreland Club before addressing a packed house at the F.M. Kirby Center on Monday night. (Fred Adams /The Times Leader)

Protesters take Fox to task for past immigration comments.

By Steve Mocarsky smocarsky@timesleader.com
Staff Writer

WILKES-BARRE – Those who attended former Mexican President Vicente Fox’s speech at the F.M. Kirby Center on Monday got an earful before they even entered the theater.

Protestors assemble in opposition to Vicente Fox lecture – From The Beacon


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