Radio ads promote pro-immigrant view

I believe these radio ads are necessary due to the hate speech coming from the anti-illegal immigration camp. From the degrading language and ridiculous assertions anti-illegal immigrant groups will go to any length to garner support for their cause by demonizing illegal immigrants – usually focused on Hispanics.

Radio ads promote pro-immigrant view – Full Story
Posted: 11/7/2007

The Progressive Leadership Alliance of Northern Nevada is sponsoring radio messages in Reno meant to deliver balanced messages about immigrants and immigration.

The nonprofit organization spent $5,000 for 240 spots on six local English-language

radio stations and three Spanish language stations. The English ads began airing Tuesday on KKOH-AM, KKFT-FM, KJFK-FM, KTHX-FM, KPLY-AM and KJZS-FM.

“We think it’s really important to put out in the community more positive ideas about immigrants and about immigration,” said Bob Fulkerson, alliance executive director. “The anti-immigration venom that’s been coming out of the community that was heightened during the aftermath of the ICE raids has undermined our shared community values.”


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