Vicente Fox Protest in Wilkes-Barre, PA – Report from Digger’s Realm

Vicente Fox does seem very much like George Bush in his desire to push agendas meant to serve the wealthiest among us which of course includes himself. Many efforts are currently under way to push for a united North America that would have only one currency and possibly very little concern of who travels where as long as they are from the North American “union”. As these efforts are to continue globalization, in a bad way I believe, they are not something I support. However, it is sad that the anti-illegal immigrant groups have to resort to hate speech to oppose such things themselves. There are many resources to find out more about this effort, but one good one is Greg Palast. (Just be careful though, because he does agree with Hugo Chavez who I thought wasn’t so bad until I read that he’s trying to make it legal for a president to run for official indefinitely in Venezuela.)

Digger’s Realm, an anti-illegal immigrant blog, took the time to report on the Vicente Fox protest. I’d like to point out a few things from his post and direct you to look at the pictures he posted with the story. (To avoid any copyright issues I’m not going to post those pictures here, but you can click on “Vicente Fox protest” to see them.)

The diversity of the crowd ranged from young to old, from black to white. The claims that our group is racist simply cannot stand if you have read any actual coverage of these rallies put together by myself or others. It is definitely representative of every group in America that stands against illegal immigration and against corrupt leaders like Vicente Fox. So now I present to you some shots of the patriots at the event.

This first quote lets us know that there was a wide range of people at the rally. “From black to white” he states. Look through the pictures and see if you can spot that diversity. I did see “from young to old” though. Nobody claims that your “group” (not sure if this means anti-illegal immigrant protesters or if he’s actually a member of a group) is racist as a general statement. How it works is you make a racist comment (like all Mexicans are dirty and lazy) or hold a racist sign then you’re called out for it, but can say “oops”. If it happens more than once then you are clearly exhibiting racism. Case in point would be the signs with the Mexican flag stating “Illegals go home.” If I was from Mexico and here legally I would be upset by this sign as it implies that all Mexicans are illegal and that all Mexicans are not welcome here. The sign is a form of racism though it’s officially simply anti-Mexico. However, as these groups believe that we “are” our flag then I imagine they are not anti-Mexico, but anti-Mexican. If you want to say “Illegals go home” (which is a great way to demonize someone) then simply say it without putting a flag on your sign. How can these groups claim that they’re against all illegal immigrants when they clearly show they are against Mexicans?

Above he states “if you read any actual coverage of these rallies put together by myself or others.” Yes, this is because if you get your stories from them they’ll conveinently leave out the part about the white supremacists or actually deny their presence as was done in this post on the Digger’s Realm website. Contrary to his report I give pictures, a statement from Storm Front, and a video that prove white supremacists were indeed at this rally.

Several of our patriots actually did go to the speech by Vicente Fox. They walked up, bought tickets and went in. Bruce DeCell of 9-11 Families for a Secure America was quickly singled out by those at the speech and he was told he had to leave or he would be arrested, even though he didn’t say or do anything.

I love how they’re all patriots because they’re against illegal immigration. This is another way that they try and make themselves out to be the “heroes” and everyone else out as traitors as we’ll see in another quote. Though, not to skip past Bruce DeCell being expelled from the event – maybe it’s that type of anti-American activity this group should be protesting. Either that or maybe there was more to the story.

Oh the wrath bestowed on those attending the Fox speech. They got an earful and more as they waited outside to buy tickets or go inside. Most were dressed in suits and ties. Definitely the elitists who are benefiting from illegal immigration. The rest that were attending were bussed in from outside the area. Obviously Fox doesn’t have many supporters in this area other than the ones making money off of this issue.

The rally ran from 7-10PM, an hour after the scheduled end time. We were all awaiting the traitorous people coming out of the Fox speech. And they got a big earful upon leaving. From “you wasted your money” to “how does it feel to support a corrupt leader” to “you should be ashamed you bunch of slave owners” the people coming out visibly had their heads down, as they should have. The most vicious shouts at the people leaving came from the Latinos among us who see Fox as the biggest traitor alive.

Calling others who are exercising their “legal” freedoms as US citizens “traitors” is another widely used tactic by these groups. Since when did having an opinion make you a traitor? I actually consider being called a traitor more libelous and slanderous than being called a racist because it’s a criminal offense – just ask John Walker Lindh. The irrationality of this crowd shows you how much hate they truly have against others that don’t agree with them.

He gloats about the protesters yelling “you should be ashamed you bunch of slave owners” at people they had no history or knowledge of. This is ok? It’s no different than someone calling these anti-illegal immigrant groups racists. It’s funny how they’re so quick to use the very tactics they profess to spurn. This group’s assertion that everyone attending the rally owns slaves is just par for the course of their rhetoric and propaganda. Well, that’s how they operate and that’s why I’d stay away from them even if you are against illegal immigration.


1 thought on “Vicente Fox Protest in Wilkes-Barre, PA – Report from Digger’s Realm”

  1. You continue to be wrong over this issue.
    Why are the people who have a “different opinion” over the issue of illegal immigration denied access to a speech by Vicente Fox? (Bruce DeCell)
    Should not all voices be heard?
    As far as the overwhelming majority of American people who are against illegal immigration (remember last June when the Senate tried to push through their amnesty bill and the recently failed attempt to get the “Dream” act passed) are we all racists? I speak to all nationalities that I run into regarding this issue, blacks, whites, asians and yes, hispanics. Not surprisingly, ALL agree that illegal immigrants need to be deported.
    You would do better to focus your argument on the facts, pro and con of the issue instead of attempting to label everyone who has a different opinion on the issue as racist. NOTHING could be farther from the truth.

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