Anti-immigrant tactic flops, Dems advance in Virginia

If these results are indicative of where we’re going then I’d have to be pleased. Republicans in Virginia tried to rally around the hate speech associated with the anti-illegal immigrant crowd and most failed. This just makes me believe that I’m not incorrect thinking that most people don’t buy into the demonizing of these immigrants.

Anti-immigrant tactic flops, Dems advance in Virginia-Full Story

Story from the Washington Post:

Va. Democrats Take Control of State Senate – Full Story

Quotes from the article:

Saslaw said the results proved that efforts by Republicans to focus voter attention on illegal immigration did not work.

“I did not think that immigration in and of itself would carry the day,” Saslaw said. “The results are proving that while immigration is a concern to people — and it should be — it is not returning the votes that they thought that it would.”

I guess this platform did work for one politician in Virginia though:

However, in Prince William, Republican Board of County Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart succeeded in winning reelection after making illegal immigration a focus of the campaign. He had led the board to impose tough sanctions on illegal immigrants, making national news.


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