Immigrant rights supporters win crowd at Great Debate

Immigrant rights supporters win crowd at Great Debate – Full Story
Laura Schroeder
Issue date: 11/8/07 Section: News
A panel in favor of worker programs for illegal immigrants won the crowd at the 24th biannual Great Debate last night, as experts sparred over a hot election issue in one of Boston University’s trademark deliberations on current events.

The victorious “negative” side – led by Georgetown University policy studies director Lindsay Lowell – refuted the idea that stricter border control is best for the country, saying many immigrants do not return to their countries because it is too dangerous.

The leader of the “affirmative” panel, Center for Immigration Studies Executive Director Mark Krikorian, said trying to naturalize illegal immigrants should not be an option for the United States.

I do agree with this statement from the event:

Also arguing for the negative were Shuya Ohno, director of communications at Massachusetts Immigrants and Refugee Advocacy Coalition, and School of Management senior Anuj Shelat.

“We are a nation of immigration, and we are also a nation of laws,” Ohno said. “Through our voices we can change the laws.”


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