Police seek immigrant help on rapist case

Regardless of their immigration status when we demonize a group of people and send in fear into the shadows then we end up with a subculture that exists outside of normal society. It is important that we not let this happen as it effects the safety of these people and all of us as well.

One way this is done is through offering the “U” visa, as stated in this article, which offers legal residence to an illegal immigrant who is a victim of, and reports, a violent crime. I believe this is one step in the right direction as it encourages these people to come forward. However, it still doesn’t deal with the same fears that keep many legal residents from reporting crime.

Police seek immigrant help on rapist case – Full story
Sarah Muench
The Arizona Republic
Nov. 7, 2007 03:18 PM

The majority of undocumented immigrants won’t report crimes to police for fear of being deported, creating a chilling effect between police and that community, immigrants and experts say.

It’s no different in the hunt for the Chandler rapist. But police are taking steps to reach out to the undocumented community in hopes another victim or someone with information about the rapist will come forward and help solve the case, which has stymied police for a year.

José Juan Ramirez, a day laborer in Chandler, said the community is aware of the rapist case but “my (undocumented) friends are afraid of going to the police” for any crime, even if they are victims.


2 thoughts on “Police seek immigrant help on rapist case”

  1. Immigration most certainly is a major problem for the US, and illegal aliens cause untold damage to US citizens. To insist that government officials comply with their oath of office and enforce our immigration laws and remove people who intentionally and arrogantly entered our country, many paying a coyote to smuggle them into the country in violation the law is not demonizing them. They are not demons, they are criminals who routinely violate any of our laws that would prevent them for getting whatever they want.

    Remove the illegal aliens and the crimes will not be committed and there will no need to worry about creating a chilling affect with an illegal community. The American people DO NOT TRUST THEIR GOVERNMENT because of irrational and illogical policies such as a “U visa” which does nothing of value for US citizens. Instead it rewards an illegal alien by given him what he violated our laws to get.

  2. Your response ignores basic humanity and compassion. You seek to simply remove people failing to recognize that just like you and me they are thinking feeling human beings. The US has benefited greatly off the suffering of others and I find it very ill that so many of us cannot sober up and realize the evils of our past. If we could do this then we wouldn’t still continue to hurt others as we do.

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