Immigrant Advocates React Commission’s Recommendations

As many cities seek to utilize 287(g) to deputize their police force as immigration officers it’s nice to see that some are not willing to go this route. It states and local municipalities are going to start enforcing immigration laws, that are the federal government’s responsibility, why not go all the way and start erecting fences around every city? This way the city can monitor who comes in and out of the city much like a security guard at a gated community. If we’re going to build a fence on the US/Mexico border why not just build them around every state and city?

Immigrant Advocates React Commission’s Recommendations – Full Story
Thursday, Nov 08, 2007 – 05:26 PM Updated: 05:44 PM
By Erika Harsh

Immigrant advocate groups say they mostly support recommendations made by a commission on dealing with immigrants in Lexington.

Thursday afternoon advocates applauded Mayor Jim Newberry for considering most of the recommendations, including one to keep local police from enforcing Federal immigration laws.

There are two recommendations Mayor Newberry says he will not accept that advocates are still fighting for: providing illegal immigrants with identification cards and driver’s licenses.


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