Immigration Raids – Emails from Feds Tell Local CT Officers “It should be a fun time!”

In a previous post I stated that I’d bet the anti-immigrants would love to go on raids along with ICE. I’m sad to find out that my statement was not far from the truth. Here are emails from the federal officers to the state officers asking if they’d like to “come and play” and that the raids “should be a fun time!” link to emails. Here’s a story in The New Haven Register about the emails.

From this story:

“It sounds like a bunch of cowboys decided to get a posse together, and the feds wanted to give the state police the opportunity to take part in the roundup,” said Justin Cox, a student intern at the Jerome N. Frank Services Organization at the Yale Law School.

The law clinic is representing the advocates, as well as 21 of the 29 people ICE arrested and charged with being in the U.S. illegally.

“It completely reduced them to a sort of non-human level. Really, this is one of the most insulting things I have ever read,” said Laura Huizer, economic development officer at Junta.

In a more current story the immigration officers have been forced to release all documents related to this raid.

Immigrant Groups Prevail
by Melissa Bailey | November 8, 2007 6:00 PM
mmigrant advocates prevailed in a battle with the state police at the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission Thursday over documents related to the June 6 raids in which the feds swept into Fair Haven and arrested 29 undocumented immigrants, less than two days after the city passed its immigrant-friendly city ID program.

By unanimous vote at a hearing in Hartford, the FOIC ruled the state police had broken state FOI laws by refusing to release raid-related documents. Click here to read the FOIC decision released Thursday. (It’s a proposed decision, expected to receive final approval.)


4 thoughts on “Immigration Raids – Emails from Feds Tell Local CT Officers “It should be a fun time!””

  1. […] A person who thinks that a white person dressed as a black criminal makes for an “original” costume should not wield this much power. It’s not wonder the officers are being indicted in Connecticut invited the local officers to go on raids with the because it would be a “fun time.” (Link to story) […]

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