Immigrant women suffer in the shadows – From The Columbus Dispatch

This is the part of illegal immigration that is very disturbing to me. When people are forced to live in the shadows because of uncompassionate Americans who have no desire to find any other solution accept deportation. There are many people who come here for a better life only to find themselves taken advantage of by unscrupulous people that use their immigration status as a way to hold them in servitude or take advantage of them.

Immigrant women suffer in the shadows
Sunday, November 11, 2007 4:11 AM
By David Crary
Associated Press

Esperanza Sanchez has had a relatively good experience working as a housekeeper in Houston, but she admits frustration.

David J. PhillipAssociated Press

Esperanza Sanchez has had a relatively good experience working as a housekeeper in Houston, but she admits frustration.
HOUSTON — In the debate over immigration, they are virtually unheard, unseen: the hundreds of thousands of foreign-born women, many of them in the U.S. illegally, who toil in America’s homes as nannies, cooks and housekeepers, changing diapers and scrubbing floors.

They are jobs of last resort for people whose other options are few.

The lucky ones earn decent wages and build a promising future for their families.

The less fortunate, isolated and apprehensive, suffer a dismaying array of abuses — from exploitive wages to sexual harassment. Some are forced to sleep in closets; others are threatened with deportation if they complain.


2 thoughts on “Immigrant women suffer in the shadows – From The Columbus Dispatch”

  1. So how do you explain Hispanic anti-illegal alien activists like the members of You Don’t Speak For Me? You see, you cannot generalize in any case. It just makes you look stupid.

  2. First of all welcome back. Secondly, to think that I can give my whole stance on every aspect of illegal immigration in every post doesn’t make sense.

    As far as You Don’t Speak For Me I’ve stated many times, in other posts, and even in a recent one that they exist because groups like yours scare them into thinking that if they’re not with you they’re against you. They’ve been backed into a corner and given two choices. You either support the anti-illegal immigrant protesters or they’ll consider you an open borders, anti-American, pro-illegal advocate. It’s no secret that many towns aren’t exactly happy to receive their new Hispanics neighbors. So to Hispanics the notion that they’ll be further ostracized as illegal immigrant supporters is not the best of notions. Luckily though, most Hispanics do not let themselves be scared into this mentality. You Don’t Speak For Me gives people like you a card to play just as you did with me. “Well how do you explain groups like You Don’t Speak For Me.” Well, if I wanted to find out I’d ask John Tanton of FAIR, not Carmen Morales or the Colonel Rodriguez.

    Just watch the You Tube video Digger’s Realm put up of the Vicente Fox protest. The venom coming from the protestors is right there to see and hear. You and your ilk made it so apparent, as you have on this blog, that we have to believe as you do and there’s no room for debate. Sadly, unlike a rational person you never waiver from your views no matter how much proof or factual evidence is presented to you. The fact that we’re talking about human beings doesn’t seem matter to you either. You’d probably just assume shoot everyone that doesn’t agree with you. How you think any right-minded person will side with a bunch of fact baking anger purveyors is beyond me.

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