A real solution to the illegal immigrant issue

A real solution to the illegal immigrant issue – Full Post (I’m not sure why there’s a font problem with this article, but it’s worth reading anyway.)

I have spoken with many business people who have employed incredibly hard working and honest immigrants. The problem is very few of these employees have authentic documents. They work every day � and every hour they are in fear of being discovered and deported. Justified or not, they are constantly looking over their shoulder.

On the surface, one could quickly state that it is their fault since they placed themselves in that position. My response would be yes and no.

How ever they were able to come to the United States, legally or not, they are here. Those who sought legal counsel discovered many �sharks� who wanted outrageous legal fees � and upon paying those fees received little if any help to get through the legal process.

Many immigration lawyers that I spoke with told me that they charge about $3,500 in legal fees to fill out documents and represent the immigrant in court proceedings. Fair or not, it is so high that few of them can afford to pay. That often means that, after their visa has expired, these people become �illegal aliens.� They have found �heaven� squeezed into tiny apartments with six to 10 other immigrants, all of whom are being gouged by their landlords.


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