Illegal immigrant proposal to tighten – From The Courier Journal

I certainly hope Doug Hawkins’ ordinance is not successful and does not make it through. In the comments section of this article one person gives polling results of the area concerning illegal immigration to illustrate that the public is against providing services to them. What’s strange to me is how these results show the population is adamantly against illegal immigrants yet this issue did not help get Republicans, who used it as their main platform, into office.

Proposals, like the one in this article, make assumptions that undocumented workers do not contribute taxes which is untrue. Many have tax identification cards or false Social Security cards. This doesn’t condone having a fake Social Security card, but illustrates the point that undocumented workers are paying taxes and do deserve public benefits. If the rationale is that they don’t pay enough taxes then we should stop providing these services to the poor as well which is what the Heritage Foundation would like us to do, per my opinion regarding their report on low-skill workers.

Illegal immigrant proposal to tighten – Full Story from The Courier Journal
Hawkins now plans to offer ordinance

By Sheldon S. Shafer
The Courier-Journal
Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The sponsor of a controversial resolution urging the city to adopt policies to deal with illegal immigrants who seek municipal services has withdrawn the proposal.

But Louisville Metro Council member Doug Hawkins, R-25th District, said he intends — perhaps within a few weeks — to introduce an ordinance that would be binding instead of advisory, as a resolution is.

He said he will propose requiring:

All city agencies to adopt a policy on what services and benefits they would deny to illegal immigrants.
Majority Democrats on the Metro Council have indicated they probably will block any measure that denies services to immigrants, illegal or not.

The person, mentioned above, who cited the poll also included this in their comments:

A little over a month and a half ago, a Courier-Journal National Brief mentioned 1300 violent gangbangers had been swept up in an nationwide sting. Of those 1300, 1000 were in the United States illegally. The fact 77% of those arrested were illegal immigrants should serve as a wakeup call to us all.

Of course, this comment is meant to make us believe that 77% of the 12 – 30 million (depends on who you listen to) illegal immigrants are in violent gangs. This is completely unfounded and untrue.


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