Winning: Only in America – Immigrants Contribute To The United States Of America

Everyone realizes, even the anti-immigrant (or anti-illegal immigrant) groups, that the United States is a nation of immigrants. This country was founded on and is based on immigration. However, now many want to shut the door on immigration similar to the way a gated community closes its door on anyone who doesn’t live there. The United States drives the world and really has to a large extent since it’s creation. We’ve inspired invention, revolution for democracy, and have pushed for absolute freedom as a God given right. However, this loud anti-illegal immigrant crowd wants to change all of that. Many of them not only want to deport all illegal immigrants, but they don’t want immigration to continue at all. This is the current platform of the very popular group Numbers USA that tries to scare the US population into thinking that everyone on this Earth will end up in the US if we let them.

This article helps to debunk the ridiculousness of the anti-immigrant argument just goes to show that immigrants will always be a part of the past, present, and future of the United States of America. Where they’re inventing the next new thing, enhancing technology, or simply providing the hard labor needed to sustain society immigrants have been and will always be what makes the US great.

Winning: Only in America – Full Story From ABC News
Immigrant Entrepreneurs Experience American-Style Success
Nov. 13, 2007

Baseball is America’s great national pastime. But when the crowd cheers for a player’s home run in the World Series, chances are that player isn’t even American. One-fourth of all Major League Baseball players are foreign born. They’re Dominican, Venezuelan, Japanese, Cuban. They’re living out their American dreams, they get to stay in the U.S. as long as they play ball, and many of them will become U.S. citizens.

For centuries, the United States has been the land of opportunity for immigrants — it was a Russian, Igor Sikorsky, who gave America the first helicopter. And Alexander Graham Bell wasn’t American. He was Scottish, but he unveiled the first telephone. Immigrants have been a driving force in business ventures all across America; companies like Yahoo, Google, eBay and Intel were all founded by immigrants.


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