Governor Spitzer caves in on immigrant license plan – NY Daily News

Governor Spitzer caves in on immigrant license plan – Full Story NY Daily News
DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITERWednesday, November 14th 2007, 4:00 AM ALBANY – Driven by mounting opposition, Gov. Spitzer buckled Tuesday on his controversial plan to issue special driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

“I can confirm that the governor intends to withdraw his plan,” Spitzer spokeswoman Jennifer Givner said Tuesday night.

I was saddened to see this story in the news this morning. It really escapes me how anyone wouldn’t think it would be a good idea to have illegal immigrants registered as drivers. They’re already working for this country and contributing to it. How could giving identification allowing these immigrants to driver be a bad thing? I’m sure the anti-illegal rhetoric being used by many groups has something to do with it.

I like to think I’m a rational person and it seems to me that we may not know the true identity of some of these people now so why does it matter if they’re logged in with a false name? Is it really better to have these people in the shadows? They’re here and as far as I can see they’re not going anywhere so I’d like to hear a good argument as to why encouraging them to come forward is a bad thing. I know that people do not want to “reward” them with a drivers license, but I don’t see that as a reward; it’s simply a form of identification that would allow them to obtain insurance which seems to me would be better for all of us on the roads. Further to this the argument it’s said they would be able to vote with this ID which I think is ridiculous. Not only was the governor proposing a tiered system where their ID would not give them that right, but as we’ve seen in past elections our local governments are pretty good at keeping people from voting.

Here’s the plan explained from The New York Times:

Under the revised plan, New York will offer a new, highly secure state driver’s license, known as Real ID. It would be available only to citizens and legal immigrants and comply with new federal rules, and it could be used to board domestic flights and enter federal buildings. Two other types of licenses would be offered: an enhanced driver’s license that New Yorkers who are citizens could use to cross the Canadian border without a passport, and a less expensive, limited license available to illegal immigrants and others that would not be a valid federal identification.

It was just a little over 40 years ago that the government finally made it easier for blacks to vote. Considering this country is over 200 years old that’s not so long ago. I’m not saying that illegal immigrants should vote, but at least if they did they’d show they understand what 40% of US citizens don’t – that this is a representative democracy and we do control the government with our votes.

Here are some quotes from the News Day article about the governor’s decision:

Opponents charged Spitzer would make it easier for would-be terrorists to get identification, and make the country less safe. Many New Yorkers agreed with them.

About 70 percent of New Yorkers oppose the license plan, according to a Siena College poll of 625 registered state voters released Tuesday. The poll, conducted Nov. 5-8, had a sampling margin of 3.9

It seems that the terrorist propaganda wins again. It’s what got us into Iraq and it’s causing us to lose our humanity. Compassion should be unwavering and should not be put aside because the government is trying to scare us into submission yelling terrorism. At this point the constant threats of terrorism are no different than yelling fire in a movie theatre. They’re scaring the hell out of everyone and have them trampling one another.


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