Polish officials seek answers in fatal Taser incident in Canada

It infuriates many that the Mexican government has gotten involved in the US immigration debate, but they’re not the only country that wants answers when one of their emigrants is mistreated in another country. However, don’t profess to understanding why Mexico is giving the US their two cents instead of trying to make a better life for their citizens at home.

Polish officials seek answers in fatal Taser incident in Canada
Associated Press – November 15, 2007 9:03 PM ET

TORONTO (AP) – The Polish ambassador to Canada is demanding answers about a videotaped Taser gun incident at the Vancouver airport. The official says he’s shocked by the images of a Polish immigrant being stunned with a Taser gun. The man died a short time after the video was taken.

The ambassador says the immigrant, Robert Dziekanski (zhih-KAN’-skee), appeared helpless and didn’t seem to be threatening anybody. He says the video leaves the impression that the police response “was not suitable to the circumstances.”

Taser death makes worldwide impression
Kelly Sinoski, Vancouver Sun
Published: Thursday, November 15, 2007

The world is talking about Robert Dziekanski.

The death of the Polish immigrant, who died after being Tasered twice by police at Vancouver International Airport in October, has made the top slots in newspapers, blogs and websites from New York to Taiwan.

“Tasered immigrant took just 25 seconds to die, video shows,” screamed a headline in Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post. “‘Awful screaming’ in Taser video to be made public,” CNN’s world website promised.


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