New York’s Democratic governor bows to anti-immigrant hysteria over license plan

Flip flopping on issues regarding undocumented workers seems to be the new fad as politicians try to gauge public reaction. This is why it’s important for the pro-immigrant side to make sure their opinions are known. It is also important to debunk the myths the many anti-illegal immigrant groups are spreading about these immigrants.

In regard to the license issue it was very disturbing to see Hillary just say “no” this time around. She obviously thought it was a valid proposal before, but has allowed public opinion to change her mind. How can you know who your voting for if the person cannot actually take a firm stance on anything? Well, I guess I should understand… that’s politics.

New York’s Democratic governor bows to anti-immigrant hysteria over license plan – Full Story
By Peter Daniels
16 November 2007

In an unconditional surrender to a nearly two-month-long campaign orchestrated by the Republican right, New York’s Democratic Governor Elliott Spitzer announced this week that he is withdrawing his proposal to allow undocumented immigrant workers to obtain driver’s licenses in the state.
Obscured by the media’s braying about Spitzer “giving away licenses to illegals” is the fact that New York State long issued licenses without any requirement for proof of citizenship or legal residence in the US. It was only in 2002 that then-Republican Governor George Pataki issued a ruling that required either a valid Social Security number or proof of immigration status for obtaining a license.
Rudolph Giuliani, who as mayor of New York City defended public services for undocumented immigrants but who is now running for the Republican presidential nomination on a platform to the right of George W. Bush, was among the first to denounce the idea.


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