Immigrant voters’ dreams snagged by red tape – CNN

Something never really discussed in the immigration debate is the process for becoming a legal immigrant and how hard, easy, cheap, or expensive it really is. I think this story does a little to help us understand what someone trying to become a legal immigrant goes through.

Immigrant voters’ dreams snagged by red tape – Full Story – CNN
By John King
CNN Chief National Correspondent

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (CNN) — Manny Barajas was eagerly awaiting his first taste of American democracy. Instead, he is learning a frustrating lesson in government bureaucracy.

Manny Barajas said his family has urged him to pursue citizenship in the United States.

Barajas is one example of the excitement caused by Nevada’s decision to grab an early spot on the presidential nominating calendar — one of thousands of immigrants in the United States legally who have rushed to file for naturalization and voting rights.

I agree with Barajas’ comment in this article that money being spent to battle illegal immigration should be directed to clear the backlog of legal immigrants wanting citizenship. It seems we’re nurturing a failed system of immigration while trying to fight the results of that failing system. Actually, though, I think that they money we’re spending in Iraq should be redirected toward more nobel causes.


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