Happy Thanksgiving (& Black Friday)

First let me say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! 

For all of us that will have a warm meal, friends, and family this Thanksgiving I hope we’ll take a moment to think of those that won’t.  It’s easy to get wrapped up in the complacency of comfort causing us to fail and recognize so many are not comfortable at all.  If it’s not the poor of America it’s the poor of other nations toiling away to make products that we enjoy – products that we’ll certainly be running out to stores on Friday to buy.  They work in factories that care little for their comfort, but care much for the bottom line.  They work in conditions that we would never accept in the US and many of them are children. Sadly the US has had children working in these very same conditions in its past, but we fought against it and won.  Therefore, we certainly should not be allowing it to happen to someone else’s children now.

So give thanks to the things you have and find ways to help others receive the same comforts.  I’d ask you not to shop this Friday, but that’s your prerogative. Personally I feel that shopping on Friday is merely condoning the abuse of low-skill, low-paid workers who must get up at 3am to go to work rather than stay home and enjoy their families. By participating in these “Black Friday” sales we are effectively removing comfort from others.

Now I’m not asking anyone to feel guilty about their choices.  I’m simply asking that we realize we are very powerful in our position as US citizens and as consumers.  We must make every choice count and always think of others.  When we fought to get our children out of the factories and to improve conditions for adults we were fighting for everyone, not just ourselves.  Sadly, though, we have not won this fight but for ourselves.

Please remember that we are not each an island. Please remember that caring for one others and the kindness of strangers is what will make this world a better place.


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