Black Friday – So Aptly Named

I don’t spend too much time actually addressing what I think is wrong with the United States, though, as the header says I don’t think it’s immigration. There are many things wrong with the United States and one of them is Black Friday. It’s not the idea of saving money that bothers me, but the idea that large corporations have such a strong-hold on our us and that we let it be possible. If we weren’t controlled by the market created by big businesses such as Best Buy, Circuit City, Walmart, etc. then why would there be people camping out in thirty degree weather for eight hours waiting to save three-hundred dollars on an LCD television? Is this what life is all about?

It’s not only the fact that people will line up for hours waiting to buy something on sale, or something new, and be duped into believing they’re going to save so much money, but it’s the thought of where those items came from. They’re all from other countries where working conditions are more than likely less than stellar. Those foreign workers are pumping out products by the thousands so that us Americans can wait out in the cold to buy them. The terrible irony is that many from those foreign countries are cold and hungry with no money while in the US many subject themselves to being cold and hungry waiting to spend their money.

You could really spend all day finding reasons why this is so disturbing. It’s strange that so many are so dedicated to consumerism, yet so undedicated to making the world a better place. People simply don’t care what others have to go through just as long as they get what they want. What about the Best Buy worker that has to leave for work at one in the morning because they have to hand out tickets to those waiting outside at three in the morning? Do these workers not have families they’d rather be with? Do they not deserve the same respect as everyone else? Well, if we want to fight the greed of the large corporations then we must first fight the greed within ourselves.

I’m sure there are many disturbing Black Friday commercials, but I just caught one on the radio. This was a Verizon Wireless commercial on Thanksgiving day where a man shows up to the store because he’s worried he’ll miss the after Thanksgiving sale. The worker tells the man the store is closed they’re just there getting ready for the sale. He tries to convince here to let him in because he just has to have some new phone and she convinces him that he’ll be able to get one if he just comes back the day after Thanksgiving. Not only is this commercial disturbing because it glorifies consumerism and our desire to have things we don’t really need, but it also makes having someone work on Thanksgiving day acceptable.

This is something I’d like to delve into a little more in the future, but for now this short post will have to do.


2 thoughts on “Black Friday – So Aptly Named”

  1. No one makes someone shop at 4 AM or work at 4 AM either. That is the problem with envy-based socialism. It starts out by whining leads to envy and ends with bloody revolutions.

    The worker for Best Buy can simply find a different job. What a country. But if he or she lived in a socialist or communist country they would work at 4 AM at the end of a gun barrel.

    France is hopefully and finally moving away from such nonsense that limited work hours to 32 hours a week and had mandatory vacations, and other such goofiness.

    Freedom is the freedom to buy or not by, shop or not shop, work or not work.

    Slavery is working at the barrel of a gun. I choose liberty to work or not work any day of the week (except the Lord’s Day, I choose not to work then, except for acts of mercy or necessity).

  2. I don’t think you get the point. This is about how so many people choose ridiculous consumerism of real life values and the fact that they don’t care who they walk over to do it.

    It’s so easy to say they can get another job, but things aren’t that easy. Just as you say about freedom and shopping you’re also free to think everyone, under our government, is blessed with the freedom of movement. That is simply not true, in my opinion, and I’m sure many people forced to work those ridiculous hours would agree. Nobody wants to get up at 4am to serve consumerism. They do it because they’re responsible and they have to. I don’t think those employees decided to work at Best Buy of Morgan Stanley. Though many are probably in school (as many young people work their) they do not get to choose where they work so much as they are chosen by the employer that will take them.

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