Deputy suspended in E. Idaho after dog shooting

In a true showing of the positive collaboration I believe can exist between different people that may not share the same opinion Voice of The People’s Daniel Smeriglio alerted me to this horrendous story. Though this story does not involve immigration it does show the darker side of human beings. Why this officer felt it would be ok to simply shoot a dog is beyond me. To kill an animal so easily (though the dog did not die) is not too far from being able to do the same to a human being.

This is actually not too much different than the story of Congo, a German Shepard in Princeton, NJ who is facing death for protecting his owners. Of course, I don’t know all the details about the story, but according to everything I read the family instructed workers not to come onto the property until the dogs were put away. The men did not listen and instead began working. When they saw Congo one of them began hitting her with a rake. Then dog then attacked as the man pushed the dog’s owner to the ground trying to get away from it while using her as a shield.

The story mentioned below is a disgusting example of animal cruelty and a police officer acting as judge, jury, and executioner. Just because this is a dog does not make it ok.

Deputy suspended in E. Idaho after dog shooting
Associated Press – November 23, 2007 11:04 AM ET

DRIGGS, Idaho (AP) – An eastern Idaho deputy has been suspended pending an investigation into a dog shooting.

Deputy Joseph Gutierrez apparently shot a dog on Tuesday evening.

The owners of the animal, which survived the shooting but is being treated by a local veterinarian, say Gutierrez arrived at their home in Teton County and told them the dog had bitten somebody.

The family says Gutierrez tied the dog to a pole, then shot it.

Another link to the story with more information:

Family Suing County; Humane Society Speaks Out
Story Published: Nov 20, 2007 at 10:00 PM MST

By Channel 3 Eyewitness News Team
A Teton County sheriff’s deputy is suspended and people across the country are outraged after an exclusive Channel 3 Eyewitness News investigation.

Tuesday night we told you about a family who said deputy Joseph Gutierrez showed up at their door, demanded to see their dog Bobby, then shot him three times.

Now Bobby’s owners, the Barboza family, plans to take legal action against the Teton County Sheriff’s Office after they say Deputy Joseph Gutierrez shot their dog three times and left him for dead.

A disgusting quote from this story:

Justin Frandsen: “They were joking and laughing about what weapons they wanted to shoot him with and how they were gonna shoot him. At the end of the conversation, they were almost feuding over who got to shoot the dog.”


7 thoughts on “Deputy suspended in E. Idaho after dog shooting”

  1. Mr. Symsess,
    I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for posting this story on your site. It truly means alot to me as well as many others. As we both agree, this kind of act should never of been committed, it is absolute lunacy and demands immediate action/attention!
    Thanks to you and a few others this story is being put out there so that everyone can be made aware of the blatant cruelty that animals are being subjected to, and unfortunately by people that we entrust to protect and serve. This is absolutely outrageous!
    I am linking to your post as long as I have your permission in which to do so? I think thats its safe to say that your posting happens to be the best that i’ve seen written also the most informative that i’ve currently seen on the internet.
    Again, I want to thank you and the viewers of your site for taking the time to get involved for such a noble cause. It is also nice to see that two people who may disagree on an issue or two, can in fact come together and work towards a positive outcome for such a horrible act. It is so much more effective than back and forth bickering that gets us nowhere. I do once again apologize for acting juvenile and jumping to unwarranted conclusions.
    Best wishes and thank you again.

  2. You may certainly link to this if you’d like. Thanks for the compliments and thanks for bringing this story to my attention.

    I agree that this is a better exchange and hope we’ll have many more in the future.

  3. Thank you very much sir, and I definitely look forward to working with you again in the very near future!

    No need to thank me for the compliments, I can honestly say that through it all, you have taught me alot and I appreciate the constructive criticism! I can honestly say that you have taught me the importance of acting
    1. Professional
    3. For teaching me that words do have alot of weight, and it is imperative that they be used for a common good rather than for ignorant purposes.

    Knowing of you has actually been a very valuable and educational experience and I am grateful for it!

  4. Hope that dog finds the deputy sheriff and bites him!! This story is reprehensible. Heard interview with clients attorney on Lars Larson. Very LAME – can’t believe something like this was allowed to happen.

  5. I live in Teton Valley Idaho and this story of a police officer abusing power has become commonplace over the last year or more. It is scary what is happening and how powerless residents are. If you want to write the local paper in opposition to our police and leagal system it will not be published. The paper is very selective in what they print. For instance, has anyone heard of the 2 officers in Teton Valley who are being investigated for illegally shooting deer? Has anyone heard of the officer being investigated for illegally pulling people over for “suspicion” of DUI and then harrassing them? My roommate slid off a very slick road last week and was freezing so he walked home. The next day he went to get his truck and was arrested for DUI, with no grounds. He hadn’t been drinking and there was no evidence of such. He just ran off the road. We live in the northwest. This happens all of the time. He was cuffed and taken to jail and now has to hire a lawyer to clear is name, money he’ll of course never see again. The stories go on and on. These few I’m mentioned all happened within the last 3 weeks alone. I’m so thrilled that this awful story has reached national news and is bringing some attention to the serious problem with our law enforcement. It’s disturbing that our entire econonmy is based on construction and tourism and our legal system is making people who might visit or invest here look elsewhere. Their actions pose a serious problem for all of us including our beloved pets.

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