Big Joe Henry Tells a Joke – Anti-Mexican Sentiment

Yesterday I was getting ready to leave the house to do some chores when I hear Big Joe Henry from New Jersey’s 101.5 tell the following joke:

Disneyland announced last week they will retrofit the boats on the It’s a Small World ride to hold today’s heavier passengers. They do a great job of keeping the park up to date and current. Tomorrowland has been turned into a scale model of Mexico City.

I think this joke is in bad taste and only helps to fuel the anti-Mexican hysteria that is gripping our country. This is not funny at all and is wholly inappropriate.

If you agree email him at the following address:


15 thoughts on “Big Joe Henry Tells a Joke – Anti-Mexican Sentiment”

  1. I think you … and the rest of the cry-babies that are destroying this country, should lighten up. They are only freakin WORDS! Grab a Kleenex and move on! This is the greatest country in the world … Quit Whining!

  2. When something is wrong I write about it I don’t just grab a tissue and cower in the corner.

    And I hate to have to remind you that words can hurt people, especially when those words are meant to demonize a group of people. Wasn’t there a man in Germany that convinced the populous to hate others through words?

  3. That’s it … you said it … there’s no need to cower.

    Everybody is different … everyone experiences these things from those of different races, lifestyle choices, and ethnic backgrounds.

    Do you realize that Big Joe Henry puts himself down for his weight on a regular basis throughout his show? … and that he won a major award this year for his charity work for children of all races? How much more harmless can you get than this guy?

    Comparing today’s America to 1940s Germany is just plain ignorant … the very militant groups that are always crying foul are the same ones causing the segregation that is killing this nation … and the hurt. Learn to assimilate, and silly things like the basis of this topic won’t be issues … they’ll be laughed off and put behind us as they should be.

    But that’s just my opinion … and you have yours.

  4. You wouldn’t be here trying to defend Big Joe Henry if he hadn’t decided to tell somebody else’s terrible joke on the air. Just before that one he made a joke about Bill Clinton calling the Butterball factory thinking that it was a dating service. I’m sure that he loves to make inappropriate jokes all the time.

    It’s great that he helps charity and for that I commend him, but if a person donated money to the United Negro Scholarship fund and then made racists jokes about blacks it wouldn’t be ok because he gave them money. As I said, you wouldn’t need to defend him if he hadn’t told this very bad joke that demonizes Mexicans.

    You say that comparing today’s American to 1940’s Germany is ignorant, but I’m sure that same rhetoric was used back then too. Just admit that he made an inappropriate joke and get on with it.

    Ok, I guess we should just laugh of all racist and prejudiced jokes – I mean, hey, there’s no problem with racism in the US. We all love each other right?

  5. There is a big difference between words used in humor and those in hate. I can’t believe anyone but a few folks like yourself that take things way too seriously could actually be offended by that man. The same as any of the top comedians that often times base their whole act on racism … it’s entertainment … not meant to be taken seriously. If you start to take it seriously, you create a problem that didn’t initially exist. I’m not going to bother responding to this thread any more because it’s pointless … you have your opinion, I have mine … but I’m glad we live in a country where we can enjoy that privilege.

  6. Yes, there’s a big difference between words used in humor and those used in hate – at least to the person delivering them.

    Joe Henry is not a comedian – he didn’t write that joke, rather he chose to tell it on air. I’m sure there are some old southern jokes about black people he could tell too. I guess that would be ok. We’ll all have a good chuckle.

  7. Lighten up; you were probably a big fan of the Sopranos, which made every Italian look like a gun touting maniac….per Winston Churchill, ‘if words could kill, we would all be dead’- no one died from his joke. Lighten up!

  8. Actually people are being hurt by his sentiment as it encourages their hatred of Mexicans. If you feel that Mexicans and Hispanics have not suffered prejudice then I can understand where you’re coming from.

    And actually I’ve never seen an episode of the Sopranos. However, I understand your point.

  9. Fucking beaners are the bane of the world. We need to keep their asses out of California and the rest of the nation and focus on our own fucking issues rather than theirs

  10. I thought the US of A was a land of opportunity for everyone… at least it appears to be…..

    BIG opportunity for AMERICAN farmers, ranchers, factory owners, entrepreneurs, etc who will not only allow but PROMOTE illegal aliens to do the job at very low salaries….

    If you don’t want illegal aliens…. don’t hire them! If there were no jobs for these people, they wouldn’t be crossing the border.

  11. That’s an awfully sad and uneducated comment. Migrant workers have been a part of this country since its beginning. I guess it’s been ok for them to pick our crops up till now.

    I’m sure you’re happy that farms are disappearing here. I hope you enjoy imported vegetables.

  12. I never said I was happy about farms disappearing… but if people continue complaining about illegal immigrants, it would be nice if they took a look at the different people who do most of the hard work….

    If only there were more treaties such as the ones that Canada has with certain Latin American countries, including Mexico, things would be different.

    Canada hires farmhands for 6 months at a time and sends them back home, and if they did a good job, they will be rehired the following year.

    And… I am not sure my comment is that uneducated…. ask your American neighbors if they would enjoy picking cotton, lettuces, oranges, working in slaughterhouses, etc for less than minimum wage? I guess not many would. That is why these companies hire illegal aliens… anyone who will accept the job… not thinking about the consequences.

    BTW… I am NOT American, I don’t live in the US and it does sadden me to see how badly people are treated, not only in the US, but everywhere!

    I am also one who thinks that if you want to live in a different country, do it the right way… get your papers, stand in line, get the legal permits!

  13. My apologies for misunderstanding your comment.

    The problem is migrant workers are a necessity. What I see is a terrible system where rather than creating guest worker or legal residency programs our government promotes undocumented immigration which then turns into arrests for ICE. Therefore both the companies that hire them and the privatized jails that get to hold them make money while the government gets to keep their tax money.

    However, not all undocumented migrants are making pitiful wages. The truth is not all people that hire undocumented migrants are evil. There are some that enjoy a hard worker and pay accordingly.

    These migrants deserve a chance to be here and there really isn’t much of a “right way” for them to follow. You may know that Mexico is not included in the visa lottery and hasn’t been for many years. Therefore the only possibility for entering legally is a work visa (which are limited and don’t necessarily provide protection to the worker) or through a family petition. Of course the family petition is no guarantee.

    So it’s not the migrants that need to “follow the rules” it’s our government that needs to make them more fair.

    Thanks for the comment.

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