Illegal immigrants not U.S. health care burden: study – Reuters

Illegal immigrants not U.S. health care burden: study – Full Story from Reuters
Mon Nov 26, 4:14 PM ETCHICAGO (Reuters) – Illegal Latino immigrants do not cause a drag on the U.S. health care system as some critics have contended and in fact get less care than Latinos in the country legally, researchers said on Monday.

Such immigrants tend not to have a regular doctor or other health-care provider yet do not visit emergency rooms — often a last resort in such cases — with any more frequency than Latinos born in the United States, according to the report from the University of California’s School of Public Health.

Nativist groups like to claim that illegal immigrant, or undocumented workers, are putting an awful burden our public services though I’ve never actually seen any evidence backing their claim this report seems to contradict it.

“Proponents of restrictive policies have argued that immigrants overuse services, placing an unreasonable burden on the public. Despite a scarcity of well-designed research … use of resources continues to be a part of the public debate,” they said.


2 thoughts on “Illegal immigrants not U.S. health care burden: study – Reuters”

  1. Am I supposed to feel better because illegal aliens, who shouldn’t BE north of the Mexico border ,aren’t availing themselves of U.S. health care as much as legal residents?! This is absurd. They are costing legal residents and American taxpayers a bunch! $2.2 billion a year for food assistance programs such as food stamps, WIC, and free school lunches; $2.5 billion a year is spent on Medicaid for illegal aliens; $90 billion a year is spent on illegal aliens for welfare and social services, etc. Do you want me to believe that isn’t a burden?!

  2. They are also putting a lot into the system as well. This post is to counter the argument of many anti-immigrant or nativist groups to which I presume you subscribe.

    I am not arguing about their legality as residents. I’m merely trying to thwart the demonizing tactics of people that like to make up numbers and facts to do so.

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