Immigrant Workers Caught in Net Cast for Gangs – NY Times

Immigrant Workers Caught in Net Cast for Gangs
Published: November 25, 2007
In a raid meant to be part of a crackdown on immigrant gangs, 10 of the 11 men arrested had no gang ties.

These raids are a terrible example of American injustice. Sweeping into peoples homes as if you’re going after a violent criminal is simply a terrible approach to this issue. If the government knows where these men are there is simply no need to go bashing in their doors early in the morning. And it makes no sense to start arresting decent hard-working people in the name of “cleaning up” gangs.

David Nyce, Greenport’s mayor, said, “The whole gang issue is something to keep the white majority scared about the Latino population, and to come in and bust as many people as they want.”

I believe the mayor’s statement is quite true. There is much anti-Hispanic sentiment coming from the nativist groups and from ICE as well. Although there have been, and still are, many notorious gangs in this country since its inception there seems to be a lot of attention directed at Hispanice gangs, namely MS-13. Why have we all the sudden forgotten about the numerous other gangs in this country terrorizing low-income neighborhoods.

They said that the vast majority of those arrested in their county were not gang associates, and that residents and police alike had been endangered by what they called the agents’ “cowboy mentality,” including armed raids on the wrong homes.

The “cowboy mentality” mentioned here illustrated by the Connecticut raids where the government agents invited local law enforcement to join them and have fun as they went on their immigration raids.


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