Immigration is GOP hot button

Immigration is GOP hot button By David Jackson, USA TODAY
WASHINGTONA long-running dispute between Republican presidential rivals Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani centers on a term without a clear meaning: sanctuary city.

Bickering back and forth about whose more nativist and anti-immigrant than the next just seems ridiculous in a country faced with so many greater issues. To touch on their argument though, do the anti-immigrant groups accept Romney’s statement that he didn’t know the hiring practices of those who tended to his yard. Does this excuse him? If I’m speeding down a road and pulled over by an officer will he let me go if I state “sorry officer, I didn’t know that was the speed limit.”

Arguing about who hates immigrants more is not going to help at all to quell the heated debate about immigration. Someone simply needs to give us a valid proposal that can help to bring all sides together. Chanting “deport now” is not going to help nor is trying to deport 12 to 30 million people going to be possible. These politicians need to stop using the immigration issues as a tool to win the presidency. It didn’t work in the last election for local officials and it’s not going to work for them. If they’re so near sited that they think immigration is the most important issue then they shouldn’t be president anyway.


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