County Attorney announces 500th immigrant prosecution – Arizona Daily Star

Celebrating milestones can be fun and rewarding, but this seems like a disturbing one to celebrate. Did they announce the 500th murder conviction? Or their 500th conviction of pedophiles? Have they every announced their 500th conviction for any law they’ve put on the books? I doubt it. Because those aren’t very popular topics right now, but just like immigration issues they’ve always been a part of our society. This really shows how much attention this issue is getting.

One quote from this story says the “coyotes”, or smugglers, are the real criminals here and I agree. These smugglers exploit the desires of those looking for a better life in the US. Many times these people are transported in the worst conditions and often end up dying before they even make it to the US.

County Attorney announces 500th immigrant prosecution
Associated Press
Tucson, Arizona
Published: 12.03.2007PHOENIX – The Maricopa County Attorney has announced the 500th successful prosecution under the state’s anti-smuggling law.
“A lot of the old smuggling groups have been disrupted and that requires coyotes to adjust their techniques,” said County Attorney Andrew Thomas Sunday.
Working with county prosecutors, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office arrests illegal immigrants who have worked with “coyotes” to unlawfully enter the United States.

Here are some other stories about coyotes.

Beware of the ‘coyote’
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People Smugglers Inc.


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