Dating Show Features Citizens and Foreigners – ABC News

If it wasn’t bad enough that we have so many groups pushing to end and/or severely limit immigration into a country that many around the world would love to live in we’ve now taken to mocking them by equating becoming a citizen to winning a game show. If nothing else, besides being very disturbing, this game show idea illustrates the fact that many do want to become citizens and are unable. This would then tell us that becoming an US citizen is not all that easy. While most game shows offer people the chance to exchange wits and knowledge for cash and prices this one will simply give someone the chance to exchange their dignity for a chance to be humiliated in from of an American, and possibly world-wide, audience.

Reading the news on immigration it is apparent that this is not strictly an issue for the United States. There is much migration happening around the world right now and many European countries are experiencing the same anti-immigrant rallying that we have here in the United States. When you hear a US citizen ranting on about how great France is (which is generally not a popular country amongst “patriots”) because of their immigration practices then you know you’re in trouble. (These are the same people that decided we should call french fries freedom fries after all.)

Dating Show Features Citizens and Foreigners – ABC News – Full Article
Dec. 4, 2007

A California-based production company says it’s looking for a network to air a new dating show that promises to set up American singles with immigrants looking to fall in love and maybe score a Green Card too.

In the midst of a national debate on immigration, “Who Wants to Marry a U.S. Citizen,” could be seen as a mirror of national sentiment, a critique of the Byzantine bureaucracy foreigners must negotiate to become citizens or as its producer claims, just as fun.

In the tradition of “The Dating Game,” which ran in the 1960s and 1970s, three legal immigrants looking to meet a citizen are quizzed by an American national, before they are chosen for a date.

Here’s reaction to this game show detailing how it exploits immigrants.

Game Show Wrongly Exploits Immigration – Full Post
Greg Pivarnik
Issue date: 12/3/07 Section: Commentary
Corporate America’s lack of shame is clearly evident in a new reality game show called “Who Wants to Marry a U.S. Citizen?” The show is banking on America’s love affair with reality TV and the national debate involving illegal immigrants to stimulate interest and consequently high ratings. However, exploiting an intense emotional issue and taking advantage of vulnerable people longing to immigrate to the United States is a despicable display of U.S. capitalism gone wrong. Morality and sympathy apparently play no role when they are pitted in a fight against the almighty dollar.


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