Arrests of illegals double in N.J. –

Out of 2,000 immigrants arrested on immigration charges 270 had criminal records. That is a high percentage at around 14%, but what this tells us overall is that the vast majority of undocumented immigrants are not committing crimes. Further to this I’d imagine that a majority of those who have committed crime did nothing violent and that the reason this percentage is this high is due to the police targeting criminals rather than just undocumented immigrants. However, I’m sure these statistics will be used by nativist groups to show that we should all be worried. The truth is, in total, crime is going down. I do commend the police officers for capturing those people that choose to break the law, but do not agree with immigration raids, or stereotyping. This is especially true in cities with the most new and undocumented immigrants. These numbers show us that immigrants are being targeted now more than ever and I’m sure that translates into Hispanics are being targeted now more than ever.

If the estimate of 500,000 undocumented immigrants in New Jersey is correct then it’s easy to see that arresting those committing no other crime other than being here without proper documentation will do little good. It would take 250 years to remove all 500,000 immigrants if this is the method they want to continue with. The solution will not be found in arrests or violence, but in compassion towards other human beings which advocates a positive outcome for everyone involved.

Arrests of illegals double in N.J. – Full Article
Wednesday, December 5, 2007

More than 2,000 illegal immigrants in New Jersey were arrested in the year ended Sept. 30 — a 100 percent increase over the previous year, immigration officials said Tuesday.

About 90 percent of those arrested had immigration violations, which are civil offenses. About half of them were “fugitive absconders” — people who were ordered to leave the country by an immigration judge, but failed to do so. The rest — 270 — had criminal records, including arrests or convictions, in addition to an illegal immigration status.

“Given a half-million illegals in New Jersey, 2,000 is not a huge number, whether they’ve doubled it or not,” said Charles Nussman, a Westwood resident and member of United Patriots of America. “If you’re talking about a percentage that’s 20 percent of the whole population of illegals, then that’s something to be proud of. But this is less than 1 percent.”

Since a representative from The United Patriots of America (a name that implies if you’re not a member then you’re not a patriot which is typical rhetoric from these groups.) I’m posting the Bergen country chapter’s “issues” with immigration:

More than 200 years ago, America fought a war to gain independence and create a secure and sovereign nation. Once again, enemies foreign and domestic wage war with us; it’s a different kind of fight, but it’s still for our country’s sovereignty.(Yes, we came to this country and committed genocide too, but these “patriots” won’t recognize this fact and leave a brutal past behind for a more compassionate one. Instead they are looking for new enemies as it is more in their blood to be confrontational and hateful than helpful.)

It’s a battle to save our American culture, our language, our economy, our laws, and the future of our children. It’s a battle to save the country we love from the never-ending invasion of illegal aliens coming across our porous borders.(I love when these groups say we’re saving our American culture. What is that exactly? Our “culture” has nothing to do with immigration laws or the law in general. If anything our “culture”, at least that which was not brought here via immigrants, is of hate, racism, and death. Just look at our history. All “culture” in this country was imported. This is not a “battle” and there is no danger other than the one these groups want you to see as they use fear and hate speech to promote their view of things. “Never-ending?” No, I’m sorry to say that this is just more fear promoting speech meant to paint a picture of the “invasion” these groups like to claim in happening.)

And while you might think it’s just illegal aliens, it’s not. It’s also the liberal press, which sides with the illegals and so always puts a positive face on their “plight.” It’s the politicians of both major parties who pander to illegals out of fear and in the hopes of gaining votes legal or otherwise. It’s America haters of every kind that look to destroy what’s good and noble wherever they see it. And it’s ourselves, weary American citizens, good people who generally hate what we see happening to our nation but all too often simply don’t know what to do.(They denounce the plight of others while asking you to join them to battle theirs which is based in hatred against others. They claim that if you’re not with them you’re an America hater. It’s this simple-minded “if you’re not with us you’re against us” mentality that gets us nowhere. “Good people?” Are these the same American citizens who commit little acts of crime and unkindness everyday? The ones that hardly speak to one another and have no problem cutting other off in traffic and tailgating? And I guess these lovers of American that “don’t know what to do” will be taught to hate as the thing to do by these groups. Well, I believe they won’t by in to the hysteria these hate groups are selling.)


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