News 4 Flipside: Should Cordova be granted special visa?

I believe he should be allowed to apply for citizenship and work in the United States. We need more people here that genuinely care for their fellow human beings. I believe people like Manuel make this world a better place showing what true compassion for others is all about.

To the statement in this article that he “broke the law” and shouldn’t be rewarded I say stop being ridiculous. This man saved a boy’s life and he probably be dead if Manuel wasn’t there to help him. People are rewarded for breaking the law everyday anyway – if you speed on the highway you get to work quicker..

News 4 Flipside: Should Cordova be granted special visa?
Posted: Dec 5, 2007 10:55 PM

Should Jesus Manuel Cordova, the illegal border crosser who helped a stranded 9 year old boy, be given a work visa?

They met in the desert on Thanksgiving Day. Cordova was walking to Tucson and Christopher Buckleitner had just been in a car crash with his dying mother.

The man from Mexico stayed with the boy until he was rescued, knowing he would be deported.


4 thoughts on “News 4 Flipside: Should Cordova be granted special visa?”

  1. No, he shouldn’t be granted any special rights. He broke the law by entering illegally, and now it’s a felony if he enters illegally again.

    It’s exhausting to explain over and over again to people that the type of illegal immigration the US is enduring is not sustainable, and furthermore, it is not our job to provide Mexican citizens with work. Mexico has the richest man in the world, Mexico is not a poor backwater anymore, let Mexico take some responsibility for it’s own people.

    And stop lying to yourselves. Manuel isn’t a hero for staying with the boy – face it people – if he hadn’t, he’d be considered a monster, and a criminal. It would, after all, be a crime to leave a child alone in such a situation. Even Manuel says he’s not a hero, that it never occurred to him to NOT stay with the child.

    I think all you people who seem so surprised that he stayed with the kid are all secret little racists, out of touch with reality, isolated, and naive.

    Manuel was coming here to take a brick layer job from an American citizen. He’s no hero.

  2. I’m sorry, but he is a hero and why would he care, or know, that it’s a crime to not stay with the boy? He may have been able to pass by him without the boy even knowing he was there. You want to demonize him by stating he broke the law, but then you note that he obeyed the law by staying with the boy. Odd. He would be a monster and a criminal? Do you think that’s what was going through his mind at the time? I doubt it. Is it that hard to give somebody credit and appreciate a good deed?

    This world needs people that care for one another and that’s what Manuel did. Do you think that your stating that Mexico should take care of its people is going to do anything to make that happen? There’s certainly a reason that immigrants, like Manuel, will risk their lives to come to the United States.

    And to your stating that his stating he wasn’t a hero makes it so – well, that’s what humble people do. They don’t seek praise and glorification, but that doesn’t mean we won’t give it to him, as we should. It’s important to lift those people up that show they will help others. I hope he does get a visa and believe he should.

    Who is surprised he stayed with the boy? I believe there is good in all people (though many choose to let fear and hatred suppress it) and am by no means surprised that he did this. What’s pointed out is that he chose the boy’s life over his own freedom. To even bring racism up in the context of this story is strange and suspicious. You have an illegal immigrant that chose a child’s life over his own freedom. If he isn’t a hero then I don’t know what a hero is.

  3. To Todd…

    Apparently you haven’t heard of the problems many American agricultural companies are having due to the decrease in immigrant workers?? Heard of Eckel’s tomato farm in Pennsylvania that has been around for generations, thanks in large part to migrant workers, yes some of whom were illegal, BUT this past year due to the crackdown there were far less workers to pick their tomatoes? Now they are being forced into going out of business…. Where were the American people that SUPPOSEDLY were getting that job picking tomatoes stolen from them?? I’m sorry, but illegal immigrants do jobs most Americans are not willing to do. If you were correct, then there were have been a long line of American workers for Eckel waiting to work…. unfortunately for Eckel’s family there weren’t.

    I say Cordova is a hero. How well do YOU think a 9 year old boy could have done for himself out in the middle of a desert overnight? Do you think he’d have the skills to start a fire? Cordova is a hero. If he was like what you are painting illegal immigrants to be, he would have just kept walking and found himself a nice cushy job that he took from an American…. Yeah right, get real.


  4. Aurora,

    Thanks for your comment. I agree.

    I read that Eckels was going to switch to a crop that can be processed by machine rather than close down shop – but I haven’t checked back into that. Most all of us love tomatoes so it’s sad to see a farmer so close to home has stopped growing them.

    The point that he was offering $16 an hour is one I made before too. Where were the people whose jobs were stolen? Maybe they never existed.

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