State lawmaker visits Congo –

The most important thing to note in this story is that Congo only attacked the man who hit her with a rake and was attacking her owner. I posted the picture from to show that Congo does not look like a vicious dog. German Shepherds are intelligent dogs that are very protective of their owners. That’s why many people have them. They show great amounts of love and they protect the family.

State lawmaker visits Congo – Full Article
by Linda Stein/The Times
Tuesday December 04, 2007, 4:40 PM

Martin Griff/The TimesN. J. Assemblyman Neil Cohen, D-Union, meets Congo in the home of the dog’s owners, the James family, in Princeton Township on Tuesday At left is 9-year-old Ben James.
PRINCETON TOWNSHIP — A state assemblyman who introduced a bill after learning that a German shepherd that mauled a landscaper in June might be put down, visited Congo in his home Tuesday.

As Congo played with a squeaky toy, Neil Cohen, D-Union, said the bill, dubbed Congo’s Law, would offer protections to dog owners by making it clear that a dog is able to defend itself and its owners.

Here’s a link to a blog titled Save Congo.


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