French-Born But Still an Unwanted Immigrant

French-Born But Still an Unwanted Immigrant
New America Media, Commentary,
Russell Morse, Posted: Dec 08, 2007

Editor’s Note: The unrest among French youth raises obvious parallels about xenophobia with the anti-immigrant fervor being whipped up in the United States. But there is one big difference, says Russell Morse who covered the French riots as a reporter. Americans, even hardened Minutemen, still hold onto a romantic notion of the United States as a country built by immigrants.

I realized I wanted to cover the unrest in France while having lunch with my mother for her birthday.

I brought up the situation in France, which sparked a conversation about immigration here in the United States. I mentioned some of my observations from my coverage of the uprising there in 2005 and she made the obvious (if clumsy) parallel to the oddball xenophobic immigration debate raging this election cycle. I expressed to her that I’m not terribly concerned about the crisis here (if it can be called that) because of America’s tendency to eventually embrace the “scourge” of each immigration wave.


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