Publication, “Our Town Jersey”, Can’t Handle The Truth (or tell it)

I don’t know whether to be honored or upset about the half page write-up in the latest edition of Our Town Jersey vilifying me and this blog. Though it’s full of libelous comments and flat out lies aimed at me and this blog, written by Bob Beierle of Creative Insight, I have to at least be happy that there was that much less space for a joke about some kid finding their uncle sleeping with their mother or whatever obscene joke they were to include.

Whatever effect I had on Our Town by writing about it here it seems to have given Bob a wake-up call. The latest issue, other than blatantly lying about me, has no jokes about blonds, sex, or tampons. It is very much toned down and that’s all I ever asked for. So whether or not it was done due to my complaining here, or if it’s just Bob’s way of trying to appease Santa Claus, I don’t know. What I do know is that Bob wouldn’t have taken the time to write about me if my blog hadn’t had some effect on his publication.

The opening line to his comments about me which are titled “A Holiday Nut” is:

I really hate to have to do this considering the time of year that it is. I truly believe in my heart during the time of year I need to go the extra distance and promote peace on earth, rather than locking and loading.

Truly, he has no problem with “locking and loading” or any other violent analogy used to state he is going to attack. On the first page of the latest Our Town the article is titled “The Christmas Crunch – You’re Giving Me What For Christmas ??!!” Toward the end of the first page he writes:

You try explaining to your children that times are tough and money is tight and they look at you like you just got off the boat….or jogged across the border

After putting down immigrants he goes on to explain how we’ve gotten side tracked about Christmas. Is this for real? What kind of “community” publication seeks to demonize part of its community?

Now to his outright libelous and hateful accusations against me. According to the write-up I’ve made harassing phone calls. This is completely untrue and I challenge Bob and his gang to either prove their accusations or apologize. It’s really not worth my time to do anything other than dispute it here, but I seem to be a magnet for false accusations by those that are upset because I state my opinion about their group, periodical, rallies, etc.

From the recent holiday edition or Our Town Jersey:

Charlie has taken it upon himself to annoy some local businesses with harassing phone calls to get them to remove their advertising from the publication. He has actually gone as far as to call some churches and other non-profit volunteer organizations that get free advertising in “Our Town” in a naughty attempt to convince them that the publication istn’ suitable for their free announcements and fund raisers to help different projects throughout the community.

Contrary to that which is stated above I’ve never called anyone. Many months ago upon discovering this terrible joke book written by Bob Beierle I did email a few places which is the extent of all I’ve done other than what’s written on this blog, of course. My email included excerpts and asked the question “Do you think this is appropriate content.” If somebody else has been calling businesses well Bob maybe you’d just better realize that I’m not the only one with a problem.

I don’t know what alerted Bob to my blog, but it may have been this email I sent to one of the owners of Our Town Jersey:


Do you think a publication that has a story in it called “Who’s yo daddy” which states “I have never had sex with a man. I am still a Virginian. I am awaiting a letter from the Pope confirming that my son’s conception was ejaculate and that he is the Saver risen again” should be freely available to children and young adults?

Well that which I’ve written above is a story in the free publication “Our Town Jersey.” Sadly, that’s just one thing from this publication that’s offensive and should not be available for children to read. This publication is full of offensive stories – many related to sex – and racist comments such as those found on the cover.

I’d appreciate a response to my email explaining why you feel this publication should be made available to the general public.


Of course, she never responded to this email

So what’s my problem? Why can’t Bobby and his faithful business partners speak their minds? Well, they can – of course. There are bookstores and libraries full of things I don’t agree with, but I don’t write about them. The reason why is they are not provided freely as community publications at the exits of many family establishments. Not to mention I truly believe that most advertisers and businesses that hand this publication out do not actually read it. How can they be with these stories? Or these? Please note that in these posts I merely point out the stories are terrible and do not belong in a free community publication.

To be perfectly clear and plain because apparently Bob has a hard time discerning my problem with his publication – the problem is the tasteless misogynistic jokes that include children discovering their parent’s infidelity and various jokes about tampons coupled with the fact that this is a “community publication.” I’m sorry Bob, but this is not what should be in a free community publication. What also disturbs me is Bob’s claim that this is a “community” paper yet is actually his way of publishing his various stories and rantings every two weeks. Bob wants to be a published writer and has found a way to get his words in the hands of your family while at the same time making money by convincing advertisers it is a community events publication when it’s actually his personal editorial paper.

Further to the libel I mentioned above Bob likes to judge things without even bothering to fully understand them. Where in this blog does it advocate open borders? I’ve actually stated many times that I do not advocate open borders. If people such as Bob weren’t trying to demonize and vilify immigrants I wouldn’t need to have this blog at all. Sadly there are a lot of Christians like Bob that don’t understand what Christianity is all about…loving they neighbor. Where in my blog do I ask to have people’s dogs shot. That is just low and cowardly of him. Actually I worked with an anti-illegal immigrant group, Voice Of The People, to help get the word out about the dog shot by a police officer in Idaho. I was personally thanked by that group in a comment on that very post. In Bob’s strange world I guess you don’t actually respond to someone’s legitimate concerns about your wrong doing, but you instead just make up a bunch of lies to try and turn people against your opponent. Who else did that in our past?

He states:

We did Google him (me), and I mean that in a good way, and found out that he dedicates most of his blog to two things. One – telling everybody how horrible the “Our Town” publication is…and I would like to thank him personally on a private note for helping to promote this publication. And the other is letting everybody know that if you do not believe in open boarders and allowing illegal immigrants to have complete and total access to every part of this country and all its bennies than you are a racist, homophobic, pig that should be made to eat dirt and die, be thrown in jail, your house auctioned off and given to illegals, your pets shot, and your kids turned over to the government for internment camps…I’m not kidding!”

Sadly, statements like this just fall write in line with Bob’s love of sensationalism that was, up till now, mostly confined in his editorials and dirty jokes for adults that he claims are submitted by “faithful Our Town” readers, but are actually just jokes from chain emails (the use of the word “faithful” is actually quite funny considering there’s at least one joke about infidelity in nearly every issue of Our Town I’ve picked up.). This being the fifth Our Town post (generally one per issue I pick up) out of over three hundred posts I’ve written, I hardly think I’m dedicating my time to Our Town.

This blog does not in any way advocate for the above mentioned things. Bob finds it easier to tell outright lies then to speak to my complaint. In order to turn all his “faithful” readers on me, since he cannot do it any other way, he simply lies about this blog. Quite the opposite to Bob’s tactics I simply quote the jokes in his publication on this blog to point out that they are inappropriate. If somebody decides to complain to one of his advertisers or distributers that’s their right. Just as it is my right to write about it on my blog. If Bob, Jennifer, or Mike think it’s fine and dandy to hand out obscene adult jokes to families with children then I am truly concerned about them.

His attack on me regarding my advocacy for compassion – well, I’m no Mother Theresa and unfortunately because people like Bob exist I have to take time to write about the things they do. If I see a tasteless publication freely available in a grocery store then I’ll complain about them just as I’d expect anyone else to do. I’m not complaining here about the real estate or automotive publications that sit next to Our Town because they don’t contain tasteless jokes and anti-immigrant commentary. They are what they say they are – real estate and automotive publications. Our Town claims to be “A local Community Magazine.”
The strange thing about Bob is that he isn’t even consistent in his views other then they are always negative. In the first issue of Our Town I picked up he’s telling us to be afraid of Chinese products, but in issue eighteen he tells us that we shouldn’t be scared of anything because it’s just the media trying to manipulate our fears. So which is it Bob?…should we be afraid or not? Of course in his rant he can’t help but call out people from other cultures:

Some of the alarms that are being sounded are deeply rooted in reality. Yeah, there’s a bunch of crazy Muslims who believe that Allah is calling the to kill Americans, Christians and Jews.

Previously, in the first issue of Our Town I found, he used the term “Camel Jockey” and claimed that people in other countries don’t wash their hands. Given his apparent allegiance to Christianity this seems odd to me. It doesn’t seem like a Christian way to react. Is “Camel Jockey” a biblical term? – and why does Bob like to put down Muslims and people of Middle-Eastern descent.

In issue eighteen Bob asks the question:

Where does it end? Where does this insanity of the media and groups that have agendas screaming out alarms stop?

I don’t know Bob, you tell me when you’re going to stop screaming out alarms. That’s what you do and ironically that’s what you’re doing in issue eighteen.

Please note the end of my first post about Our Town:

Now this publication does do good as it promotes local church activity, group events, etc. However, this should not be made available to anyone with the commentary and jokes that you get with your town activity information. Why this publisher feels he must impose his views on things and include dirty jokes inside of an otherwise clean publication is beyond me. However, I doubt that many of his advertisers realize the agenda they are paying to push.

I could go on and on about Our Town and how terrible some of the content is. Our Town isn’t all bad though. As I’ve stated before, there is good in it as well. Giving a free advertising to community groups and churches is a good thing. However, putting jokes between church ads about boys watching their mother sleep with their uncle or about men having their weekend shot because their wife is going through menstruation is just terrible. Not to mention jokes such as “Who’s Yo Daddy” that are obviously aimed at minorities. If I’m the only one upset about Our Town I’d be surprised. It would be a great publication if only Bob could get off his soap box and stop copying jokes out of dirty joke books.

Next time Our Town wants to write about me I hope they’ll at least tell the truth. It is so sad that they had to resort to outright lies in order to vilify me and this blog. But I guess when you don’t have the truth to back up your claims you can always make it up.


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