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Immigrant’s fight spurs questions – Full Article
By Jim Totten

Did Gjystina Hines’ marriage to a U.S. citizen, having a son with him and being pregnant with their second child count for anything when she faced deportation?

Or what about that the 23-year-old Howell woman was holding a regular job, paying taxes and appearing for her regular appointments with the U.S. Immigra-tion and Customs Enforcement office in Detroit?

If I simply stated that Gjystina was wrongly deported because she was married and with a child I might get comments stating “she should be – she came here illegally and has to face her crime.” However, the problem is she was brought here by her father in her teens. According to this story she graduated High School in 2002 and was brought into the US in 1999 which meant she was just starting High School. If someone wants to be cold-hearted and punish her for the crimes of her father what can I say to that? But if I were here I wouldn’t have let my family move to another country and not gone with them. So she went with them and now has a family of their own. Now her and her child are both being punished because her father decided to come her illegally. Where is our compassion as Americans here?

This excerpt from Wikipedia gives us an idea of what was happening in Albania when this father decided to leave:

However, stability was far from being restored in the years after the 1997 riots. The power feuds raging inside the Socialist Party led to a series of short-lived Socialist governments. The country was flooded with refugees from neighboring Kosovo in 1998 and 1999 during the Kosovo War.

Here’s more from

Europe’s poorest country, Albania disintegrated into anarchy and armed revolt soon after pyramid investment schemes failed in January 1997.

So where is our American humanity here?


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