GOP Hopefuls Temper Anti-Immigrant Talk – AP

I was able Geraldo interviewing Huckabee last night.  In the interview he asked Huckabee his ideas on the current situation with undocumented immigrants.  Huckabee, who thinks there will be duck hunting in heaven and who believes an angel guided his bullet into a elk, at least was able to stay away from the angry hate speech associated with most anti-immigrant groups. He used the word “compassion” trying to appeal to the many Hispanics that feel they are being targeted by the anti-immigrant sentiment that’s currently all the rage. (And it’s not only in the US) In his response he said his idea for dealing with this issue involves deporting all undocumented immigrants and giving them a chance to come back in legally. Though he acknowledged the problem with processing the immigrants we currently have – it takes many years to get through the system – he didn’t say how he would implement his plan. Personally, though I don’t think we should have open borders I don’t see how we’re going to deport 12 million (or 40 million if you believe the anti-immigrant groups) undocumented immigrants and then turn around and give them a “chance” to come back in.

GOP Hopefuls Temper Anti-Immigrant Talk
By JIM KUHNHENN – 14 hours ago

CORAL GABLES, Fla. (AP) — The Republican presidential candidates sought to embrace Hispanics in a Spanish language debate Sunday, striving to mark common ground with a growing voter bloc while softening the anti-illegal immigration rhetoric that has marked past encounters.

The candidates avoided the harsh exchanges and name-calling of their most recent debate, while most emphasized the need for border security and an end to illegal immigration. The polite debate came less than four weeks before the first votes are cast in Iowa and amid a topsy-turvy race in which former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has bolted to the lead in the state.


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