Jerry Springer – Demonstrates At Least One Problem With The US

By some sad chance I stumbled upon a show that I thought had long ago been canceled – Jerry Springer. Though I’m disturbed that it’s still on television I was glad to see it because it give me an opportunity to opine about one problem with this country.

It was only a few minutes I saw it so I don’t know what the show was about, but the audience seemed to be paying most attention to a large black woman and a white woman whose teeth where mis-shapen. They told the woman with bad teeth that Bugs Bunny wanted her teeth back. From the audience a skinny white girl stands up and tell the black woman that she’s big because she ate her baby. Of course the woman on stage tells retorts that she’d too skinny and then the audience begins to shout “take off your clothes” to the woman, from the audience, that made the statement to the woman on stage. So not only is the show completely inconsiderate and demeaning to the guests and their physical appearance and emotional problem, but it’s also misogynistic in asking women in the audience to show everyone their naked bodies.  Sadly, these traits are exactly why it’s still on the air.  It’s this same mentality that fuels the anti-immigrant protesters – a lack of compassion for our fellow men and women fueled by a desire to put everything down in order to lift ourselves up.

Everybody knows that Jerry Springer is a terrible show and writing about it is a mute point, but it does show us many of the problems with our society. Here we have seemingly normal people letting their demons out. If I had saw the woman from the audience that claimed the guest had eaten her baby I would have though she was a well-mannered and nice person. Though she may be to some people when given the opportunity she turns into a hateful person ready and willing to throw insults at people. I guess just being in the audience of a Jerry Springer show says a lot about the person, but the insults coming from the audience were atrocious and horrendous. It’s sad for me to admit they’re my fellow human beings.


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