Debates Persist Over Subsidies for Immigrant College Students – NY Times

Education is the most fundamental tool we have to secure a better future for each other by providing the tools for success. So why do so many people have a problem with educating the children of migrants? I’d imagine that a well educated person would be better equipped to help find solutions to contribute to a world community where everyone can experience the same type of success we have here in the United States.

Debates Persist Over Subsidies for Immigrant College Students
Published: December 12, 2007
Children brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents find, years later, that they must forgo higher education because they are ineligible for federal or state aid.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Go to college, we urge our children. College is the new high school, and without an undergraduate degree, they will be doomed to low-earning, second-rate lives.

Yet we send the opposite message to thousands of young people because they have been brought into this country illegally by their parents, sometimes when they were toddlers, or remained beyond their visa deadlines. About 65,000 persevere well enough every year to graduate from high school, according to the Washington-based Urban Institute, but once they do, we make going to college hard if not impossible.
Since 2001, California, Texas, Illinois, New York, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, Washington, Kansas and Nebraska have charged illegal immigrants the same in-state tuition as other residents so long as they have graduated from state schools. But three states — Colorado, Georgia and Arizona — have explicitly outlawed such benefits.


8 thoughts on “Debates Persist Over Subsidies for Immigrant College Students – NY Times”

  1. Hmmmm… more government benefits for criminals. If they are here illegally, they should be educated as to the results of commiting felonies. Send them back where they came from, kids or not. If they come back, introduce them to the concept of “prison” – the place where lawbreakers belong.

    If thier parents bring them back, they should be treated just like the kids of any other felon. Their parents should be relieved of their parental responsibilities – they ahve demonstrated that they cannot make wise decisions by involving thier children in the commision of a felny – and the children should be sent back to whatever family they may have wherever they came from.

  2. The felony of seeking a better life in the US exists due to the difficulties of getting into this country legally. Even Huckabee, and others, have admitted to the problems with the current immigration system.

    There is absolute encouragement for illegal immigration by employers not to mention the need this country has always had for migrant workers.

    When people such as yourself compare a person looking for a better life to a person that is simply a criminal it does nothing to help anyone. Contrary to popular anti-immigrant believe we all benefit from migrants as they benefit from living and working in what’s supposed to be the land of the free. In the end we collectively benefit from the integration of natives and migrants as we have since the beginning of this country. (Everyone, I guess, except the Native Americans.)

  3. sphyrnatude

    These are children who did not commit a crime. If you are truly opposed to the “illegal” part and not the “immigration” part of illegal immigration then you should acknowledge that these children are not criminals or “illegal”.

    Stop lying to everyone, you’re opposed to immigration in general.
    You are so hateful that you are targeting innocent children.
    No offense, but you’re a horrible person for targeting your hate towards innocent children.

  4. I have to disagree. There are ample LEGAL ways to enter the country. I fulyl support legal immigration, and feel that as a country we have a responsibility to allow for managed immigration.

    People that avoid the legal processes are criminals by definition. Treating them in any other way is the same as simply having no immigration policy.

  5. Sphyrnatude

    I can tell you have no experience or knowledge about immigration law.

    Immigrating to the US legally is one of the most difficult things in the world to accomplish. Their is no line for people to wait in, that is one myth that I wish would just die already.

    There are not “ample legal way” of entering this country. Compelty the opposite.

    In most cases unless you have an immediate family member who is a US citizen, or are a high tech worker/doctor you cannot get in line for a “green card”.

    99% of Americans would not qualify to “wait in line” if they lacked a family member who was a citizen.

    Please educate yourslef on the Ameircan immgiration
    process before making such outlandish claims.

    I’m still confused as to why you are advocating targeting children who are not guilty of any crime. What’s wrong with well edcated, assimilated, english speaking children who did not breach any laws themselves of becoming American?

  6. Actually, I AM well aware of US immigatation law. As a matter of fact, my entire family are immigrants, as are many of my friends.

    Having been through the process, I will agree that it is time copnsuming and can be frustrating, However it is the law. People who circumvent it are criminals.

    If you read my posts carefully, you will realize that I am not targeting children. They are suffering the consequences of their parents behavior – claiming that I am targeting children is the equivalent of saying that parents who murder someone should not go to jail because thier children will suffer. Minor children of parent who enter the country illegally should be treated just like the children of other criminals – if their parents are not capable of caring for them (because they are in prison with the other felons), the children should be returned to their own country – ideally to family members. If family members are not available, their home countries are responsible for caring for their citicens – not the US. We are not, and should not be the worlds orphanage.

  7. The bottom line here is that we need a compassionate solution that deals with the reason people are coming here. The goal should be a better life for everyone.

    We’re all immigrants. If you’re a more recent immigrant then I’d imagine you could at least have some empathy concerning another migrant wanting to come to the United States. I’d be interested to know where you migrated from. It’s strange to me that you started responding to this post with the statement “Hmmmm… more government benefits for criminals.” It’s also troubling that you compare undocumented migrants to murderers. That’s exactly the type of analogy that caused me to start this blog.

    You state their parents aren’t capable of caring for them, but isn’t that exactly what they’re trying to do? Why do you think they’d risk their lives coming here? To spite you or me?

  8. the reason their parents are breaking the law is irrelevant. The point is htat they ARE breaking the law. there are legal ways to enter the country. The limitations on the numbers of immigrants are there for a reason (weather you agree with or not doesn’t matter – there are reasons, and it is the law).

    If we applied your arguments about “protecting the children” and excusing the parents criomes because they are “trying to help their children” to the prison population of the USA, most prisoners would be immediately pardoned – and if they commited the same crimes again, they would be released.

    In my experience, legal immigrants have very little tollerance for those that choose to circumvent the immigration laws for a quick buck. It may not be PC in todays mass media to be honest and acurate regarding illegal immigrants, but no matter how you xclide it, dice it, or try to justify it, you are simply asking for a bunch of felons to be pardoned. History has demonstrated that this does not do anything to help the illegal immigration problem – instead it exacerbates it.

    Instead of coddling these criminals, stiff penalties and enforcement will make them think twice about entering the US illegally. If the risks associated with illegal entry outweigh the benefits, theproblem will be greatly reduced, if not eliminated.

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