Manuel Jesus Cordova – Illegal immigrant saves the life of a child – Fort Wayne Daily News

Another good write-up about Manuel Jesus Cordova from a mother’s perspective:

Illegal immigrant saves the life of a child
By Juliana Casillas

Cordova Soberanes was near 45-year-old Arizona resident Dawn Alice Tomko and her 9-year-old son, Christopher, when they needed him the most. Tomko and her son were camping on Thanksgiving Day. As she was driving on a U.S. Forest Service road in a remote area north of the Mexican border, she lost control of her van and landed 300 feet from the road.

At this time, Cordova Soberanes had to make a very important decision, to think about himself and continue his lengthy walk into the U.S. or save the life of a child he did not know, and know if found he would lose what he had so far achieved and be deported to Mexico.

Well, let’s see, he is an illegal immigrant, a criminal, so he would obviously care less for the boy and continue on his way, right? Wrong!

Now let’s look at a response to Juliana’s article:

Chris VanGompel wrote on Dec 11, 2007 9:03 PM:
” Actually, why don’t YOU give US a break, Kumquat. Everybody has the land they have by fighting for it. Even the indian tribes fought one another for the land they had. So please, just cut it out. You want to ignore the fact that people are willfully breaking the law? You want to ignore that people are cutting in line while others respect our laws by immigrating legally? Fine, ignore all that. But don’t call us morons for caring. And don’t compare apples to oranges while calling us hypocrites. “

This person’s response takes me back to a post I wrote titles “We’re All Criminals” where I argue that anyone that breaks the law, no matter how insignificant the act is, has made themselves a criminal. This person sites they are “willfully breaking the law,” well so are the thousands of people that speed down the freeway every day. Are they not willfully breaking the law? Maybe we should deport everyone that breaks any law as they obviously don’t respect this “nation of laws.”

Or what of this post under the story:

Lig resident wrote on Dec 11, 2007 12:29 PM:
” I applaud his good deed in putting value on a life instead of what he was doing. If I were to drink and drive, crash into someone, get out and help them out…would I still not go to jail? Of course I would. I broke the law. To many bleeding heart liberals are costing this country a lot of money. Food stamps, medical care etc. is all coming out of our pockets in the form of taxes for them. That is why the one side is so much in favor of putting more taxes out on us. They think they know better how to spend my money than I do. I am all for charity….but don’t force it upon us. Thank God they are doing something about revoking drivers licenses that they cannot match social security numbers to. Sure they won’t be able to get to work…maybe this will open up some job situations for those that are having a problem finding a job full time or part time. I am all for legal immigration. Go thru the process…..sorry that it takes so long, but until we can improve the system, that is what we have to work with in the meantime. “

My favorite part of this response is this person comparing illegal immigration with drinking and driving. This argument has no merit in this discussion. A migrant coming to the US without documentation is not a death missile while a drunk person behind the wheel is. The big difference here is that Manuel was not primed to hurt someone while a drunk behind the wheel is. This also makes no sense as Manuel was not person that caused this mother and son to get in the wreck.

I also enjoy this person’s statement “thank God” as it implies that God sanctions treating others with disdain. I think Christianity teaches quite the opposite. And this person’s assumption that migrants are costing us so many tax dollars is a tired and unfounded one. Most of these migrants pay taxes just as the rest of us do.


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