Save Act Details – Introduced by Rep. Heath Shuler

The proposed SAVE Act does nothing more than further the already growing prejudice against immigrants. It proposed to save tax payers money, but how is that possible when they’re going to be adding more border agents and building more detention centers? Of course it’s supported by Numbers USA which blames immigrants for the future destruction of the United States through overpopulation.

Here is information from Heath Shuler’s website about the SAVE Act. The quote below states that immigration is one of the most pressing issues we face. I hardly think that’s true. Last time I checked we’re still over in Iraq and have a president that is trying to convince us to go to war with Iran. All the while we’re handing the country over to big business which does include companies that will get the contracts to build all the new detention centers necessary to comply with the SAVE Act.

“Illegal immigration is one of the most pressing issues facing America today. It is estimated that over 12 million people are currently here illegally, and thousands more are coming in every week,” said Rep. Shuler. “Americans are very upset at their government for not taking action, and they have a right to be. ”

SAVE Act of 2007

Representative Heath Shuler’s 3‐Part Plan to Stop Illegal Immigration
Title I—Secure America’s Borders

  • Increases Border Patrol agents by 8,000, utilizes new technology and infrastructure to secure the border and expands a specialized enforcement program called the ʺTunnel Task Forceʺ.
  • Outlines provisions for recruitment of new agents and personnel through bonuses, student loan repayments, and other financial incentives.
  • Creates a pilot program to increase aerial surveillance, satellite, and equipment sharing between the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense to SAVE taxpayer dollars.

Title II ‐ Work Authorization Verification for all Employees

  • Expands the E‐Verify program and requires it for all employees over four years.
  • E‐Verify provides employers with an inexpensive, quick, and accurate way to verify employee eligibility.
  • E‐Verify already exists and has had tremendous success, but it currently is voluntary, which puts users at an economic disadvantage if competitors hire illegal aliens, and is only being used by a fraction of U.S. employers.
  • Employees must provide an acceptable form of ID from a limited list. Employers receive verification in seconds.
  • Closes the existing loopholes in E‐Verify to detect multiple people using the same social security number and to detect people using stolen identities.
  • Sets timelines for the class and size of employers to enroll in E‐Verify and sets new employees apart from current employees.
  • Requires information sharing between the Department of Homeland Security, the Social Security Administration, and the Internal Revenue Service.

Title III –Reduces Illegal Immigration Through Interior Enforcement

  • Increases investigative abilities of ICE by employing more agents and training
  • additional state and local law enforcement personnel.
  • Expedites the removal of illegal aliens by expanding detention capacity and increasing
  • the number of Federal District Court Judges.
  • Implements a targeted media campaign to inform illegal aliens of new laws and
  • penalties, while also informing employers of penalties for hiring illegal immigrants.

Response to the SAVE Act from The Bulletin – Philadelphia
Problems with Shuler´s so called SAVE Act
There are a number of problems with Shuler´s so called SAVE Act.
Anyone who has read this act knows, This bill calls for:
1. Mass Deportation of the 12M – 20M via increased Enforcement
(larger then the population of NY within 4 years)
a. Massive Additional Sweeps and other Methods
b. Mandatory Employer Verification, Secure ID Programs
2. Increased Border Security through:
a. increased Border Patrols
b. increased fencing and technology including a Tunnel Task Force
New Stuff:
. Contractors providing both Technological and Border Security.
Section 104, (3): EVALUATION OF CONTRACTORS- (A) REQUIREMENT FOR STANDARDS- The Secretary shall develop appropriate standards to evaluate the performance of any CONTRACTOR providing goods or services to carry out the Integrated and Automated Surveillance Program.

MORE DETENTION CENTERS (they will need them if they are planning on detaining 12M people) — All RNC Crony Owned Private Prisons!!Sec 111, (9) An assessment of additional detention facilities and beds that are needed to detain unlawful aliens apprehended at United States ports of entry or along the international land borders of the United States.

OPERATION Wetback All Over Again!! (Which State will NOT declare an Emergency??)
(a) Emergency Deployment of Border Patrol Agents-
(1) IN GENERAL- If the Governor of a State on an international border of the United States declares an international border security emergency and requests additional agents of the Border Patrol (referred to in this subtitle as `agents’) from the Secretary, the Secretary, subject to paragraphs (2) and (3), may provide the State with not more than 1,000 additional agents for the purpose of patrolling and defending the international border, in order to prevent individuals from crossing the international border into the United States at any location other than an authorized port of entry.

This Bill calls for immediate implementation of these “enforcements” with Reports back to Congress. This Bill includes language for significantly Ramping up the number of Border Patrol agents by recruiting former Military and Contractors! (Shades of Blackwater!!) Is this a way for them to recruit Minutemen as Border Patrol Agents?

This heinous bill calls for more crony contractors.
Today, Detention Centers are private prisons owned via no bid contracts by the RNC cronies and contributors to the RNC.
With this bill, Blackwater is planning on being the BP Contractor. They are building a huge new center near San Diego. Additionally they have built a massive number of unmanned aircraft to surveil cities in the US (shades of 1984!!)
Dee, Dallas, TX

Hopefully the fate of the SAVE act is accurately predicted in this Op Ed piece:

SAVE could sacrifice Baird’s career


Immigration is a hot topic across America, with Democratic presidential contenders sparring over the issue of driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants and Republicans striving to out-do one another on promises to improve border security.

It’s also a subject that has caught the attention of Rep. Brian Baird, D-Vancouver. He is a co-sponsor of the Secure America with Verification and Enforcement Act, an immigration bill that’s generating controversy within Baird’s own party.


4 thoughts on “Save Act Details – Introduced by Rep. Heath Shuler”

  1. Those that oppose the SAVE Act are entitled to their opinion,but those of US that support and pray that it passes realize the strain that is placed on this country due to this problem.Do yourself a favor and do a little research on the cost of illegal immigration and see if you don’t think a little differently. The costs of extra border agents and mass deportation will pale in comparison to the long term effect and costs of your Social Security and high insurance that you will pay as you provide a way for these poor mistreated ILLEGAL Aliens! Wake up alraedy.

  2. Thanks for the comment; however, I see a bigger human rights issue here that we need to address. I will not advocate that good citizens be pushed out of this country.

    Everyone else got their chance to come here and no matter how much hate was shown towards new migrants we made it this far. Aside from our president’s terrible leadership and costly war we’ve been doing pretty good. These migrants are not at fault for our problems. If anything there desire to risk their lives to come here is very telling of what we’ve done to other countries.

    I have done my research and sadly the only places you find negative numbers are from negative groups. There is no reason to believe that hard working people don’t contribute to our society and aren’t capable of helping us get work back in this country where it should be.

    I will end by saying that my main objective here is to stop the hateful rhetoric against migrants. So I thank you for being considerate of this and would ask that you give me some number, links, etc. to help me understand how you’ve come to your opinions.

  3. If the only place you see negative numbers is negative groups, then the only place you see positive numbers is from positive groups, so that’s not an argument. And neither is bringing up the war or the president, which indicates that you don’t think logically or rationally.

    Aside from that, the rest of the people here migrated LEGALLY, and they ASSIMILATED, something that the hipsanic immigrants by and large are NOT doing.

    Finally, why don’t you post some postive numbers that can be backed up with facts first, rather than asking someone else to do something that you didn’t do.

  4. Yes, you’re right – given opposite sides of an argument generally the two sides will promote ‘facts’ that back up their own argument. However, in this case the anti-migrant crowds simply make up numbers while calling migrants by horrible names. Of course not every fact of figure is made up and I certainly am willing to accept that. When we state there are 12 million undocumented migrants I can accept that, but when a group states there are 30 million now we’re getting into the territory I mentioned above.

    I know where the negative numbers are – what I’m asking is a question to help me understand how Scott came to his conclusions.

    You say I think illogically yet you so generally claim that all other migrants came here legally and that they assimilated. How did the first immigrants assimilate when the only culture that existed was that of the Native Americans? If we want to ignore that then forget the Native Americans and explain to me how people assimilate because if you ask me true assimilation would have meant a general lack of diversity. I don’t think you can argue that this as this is a country of great diversity.

    To state my including the war is illogical makes little sense to me. I’m in a country whose president feels it’s ok to slaughter people in Iraq and around the globe. Therefore it makes much sense to think the same country would have little regard for migrants. However, the point is our main problems lies not in immigration, but in the way we treat others around the world.

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