Are today’s immigrants so different? – Daily Record

This is a good letter to the editor submitted to the Daily Record. One point many make is the suffering of past migrants – much of which is very similar to what today’s migrants are going through. As progressive a society as we are there are still so many that treat migrants with disdain.

Are today’s immigrants so different? -Full Letter
Friday, December 14, 2007

I recently experienced a profound change of heart regarding the status of undocumented immigrants in this country.

I often pondered how waves of people throw caution to thewind and come to our country by the millions despite the obvious dangers involved andwithout any valid credentials. Added to my bewilderment is that these immigrants take this journey and eventually come to live in squalor. In spite of their miserable conditions, they continue to take that journey.

This massive movement of people has impacted our towns. These immigrants are the main source of overcrowding or stacking problems in towns like Morristown, Dover and Newton.


1 thought on “Are today’s immigrants so different? – Daily Record”

  1. As one who has lived on the southern border for a long time, I can tell you that those crossing north in the last 5 to 6 years are very different from those who crossed 20 years ago.

    Twenty years ago, those crossing did not steal, did not destroy property, and were unarmed, unlike the more recent crossers.

    Locals who used to leave food and blankets out, now lock their gates, for good reason.

    The Mexican government tells them this is “their” land, and they believe it.

    If you’re hispanic American and tell them they’re wrong, they curse you in Spanish. Their supporters are often members of latino hate groups, but that’s not politically correct to mention, is it?

    It’s not politically correct to point the finger at the true cause of this situation either – the failed policies of the governments of Mexico and other countries further south. When those here illegally return home and start demanding changes THERE, I’ll be happy to go and join them.

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