Kernels From Iowa: Romney vows to eradicate illegal immigration –

Kernels From Iowa: Romney vows to eradicate illegal immigration – Full Post
Posted on Fri, Dec. 14, 2007 10:15 PMTurning up the already heated rhetoric on border security marking the GOP presidential race, Mitt Romney promised Friday “no illegal immigration” when he’s in charge.

In the west-central Iowa town of Carroll, his presidential campaign attached the billing “Strategy for a Stronger America: Enforcing Our Immigration Laws” to a standard stump talk and question-and-answer session with 100 people.

Here we see that Romney feels that we’ll attain a stronger America by enforcing immigration laws. I hardly think that’s the first thing we need to address to make this country stronger. I don’t think undocumented migrants have caused our currency to lose value or have caused the world to look askance at us because of the war in Iraq. Apparently Romney’s audience didn’t feel immigration tightening would make us “stronger” as they didn’t even ask him about immigration. But since he’s thinks it’s a hot-button issue he went ahead and talked about it anyway.

None of them asked about immigration, but the former Massachusetts governor spent several minutes explaining his proposals to address undocumented workers.

During his speech Romney asked the local Sheriff if his proposed immigration reform would make the sheriff’s job easier. The sheriff agreed, but the told the reporter that illegal immigration didn’t present much of a problem in his country of only 21,000 people.

Sadly that anti-migrant sentiment is gaining steam, but hopefully these candidates will eventually realize that immigration is not America’s biggest problem. It didn’t win the election for many this past November, and it won’t win the election for the next president either.


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