‘Kick-the-immigrant’ policies debase American ideals – KansasCity.com

This is written by a lawyer for the Kansas City Star and makes somes good points.

‘Kick-the-immigrant’ policies debase American ideals
Posted on Mon, Dec. 17, 2007 10:15 PM
Special to The Star

Grummon After representing hundreds of families with different immigration statuses, I am alarmed by the falsehoods being repeated about my clients — that they came to break our laws, spread leprosy, massacre our youth, etc. Those who actually know recent immigrants — as friends, family, and co-workers — know that such claims are ridiculous.
I’m all for the law, but mere enforcement of bad law does not make for a better America. Like segregation, apartheid, and the Nuremburg laws, kick-the-immigrant policies cannot be justified without appealing to our fear, ignorance and prejudice against another group of people.


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