Does Huck’s ad feature an illegal canine immigrant? – The Huffington Post

Some interesting articles about the candidates:

Does Huck’s ad feature an illegal canine immigrant? – Full Post

Thompson blames immigrants for housing crisis: On Saturday the slow talkin’ candidate told a gathering in Iowa that English should be the national language, blaming immigrants for the home-loan crisis. “A lot of them couldn’t communicate with the people they were getting the mortgage from,” he said. Kinda like blaming rape victims for dressing provacatively.

Maybe he should run for Pope: Duncan Hunter told a crowd in New Hampshire he favors a constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union between a man and a woman, saying strong families will “lift the country up” by upholding such virtues as “fidelity, morality and faith in God.” He failed to cite Republican moral leadership exemplified by Bob Livingston, Newt Gingrich, John McCain, Fred Thompson and, of course, Rudy, I-paid-the-cops-to-escort-my-mistress, Giuliani.

The Hounds of Huckabee: The Hucksters have posted a video on their blog featuring that YouTube favorite, the skateboarding dog. See, it’s all about Huck’s underdog status, and…hey, wait a minute! That’s an English bulldog on that skateboard, isn’t it? Somebody check his immigration status!


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