Voice Of The People USA Joins With ALIPAC – Hope For Compassion Takes Two Steps Back

Though I had a dialogue with the founder of Voice of the People USA which made me feel the group was going to take a more, or at least minimally, compassionate route in their efforts toward immigration reform I am starting to feel I was wrong. The day after Christmas they held a rally in Freeland, PA to announce their coming efforts for 2008. Much of this wording is meant to demonize undocumented migrants and as with every nativist group they seek to make them subhuman. So much for that holiday spirit.

Here is part of the post from the Voice of the People USA website:

We also intend on announcing some events for 2008 that will be the biggest events that our country has seen to date against illegal immigration and the politicians that support amnesty for illegal alien criminals. When we drop our bombshells, well rest assure it will shake the very foundation of our movement and our country as well! I promise all of you that we are going to take the initiative and be twice as vicious as we were in 2007!

Here they use the term “illegal alien criminals” which is directed at all undocumented workers just after telling us they will be involved in “the biggest events” this country has seen. To me this is very scary and disturbing. As I stated above I really felt that Voice of the People USA was going to maneuver more towards fighting crime in their communities – all crime. Unfortunately, though it seems they are going to side with ALIPAC and seek to make a fireworks display for the natavist movement.

If you do a little research on ALIPAC you will see they are not a very good group. Though many of their members may have genuine concern for our country and may have joined out of fear here are some posts from ALIPAC message boards that are disturbing. (ALIPAC message boards.)

Here is some information about William Gheen from ADL’s website.

Here Daniel, of Voice of the People USA, tells us of his plans to join William Gheen in Iowa:

Also on the very same day, I am extremely happy to announce that I (Daniel Smeriglio) will be joining our good friend William Gheen of ALIPAC and Mr. Peter Gadiel of 9/11 Families for a secure America on the crusade against the illegal alien loving presidential candidate Mike Huckabee! If you are not aware Mr Huckabee is currently leading the polls in Iowa with an eight point margin and that is 100% unacceptable! So Mr Gheen is leading a group of anti illegal immigration leaders to the great state of Iowa so to spread the word to all of the great residents of the state as well as all the media outlets from Iowa about Mr Huckabees lies and deceit that he is now trying to use in order to win in the state!

Some of the gems from this paragraph are “on the crusade against the illegal alien loving presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.” Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like Huckabee either. He’s thinks that hell on Earth for animals isn’t enough and that we’ll be hunting animals in Heaven too. I actually think he was hunting just yesterday and I don’t need to get into how I feel about that.

I really think that Voice of the People USA is taking a turn for the worse here. I actually had hope that they would become more of a community based groups seeking to help their neighbors, of all walks of life, to secure a more peaceful fellowship by joining forces to remove criminals from their community. Unfortunately though they’ve taken out their “deport now” flags again and will be spending mass effort on convincing voters in Iowa that immigration is the biggest problem with this country.

Daniel continues:

So shortly after our press conference I will be taking off for Iowa representing Voice of the people USA and the great citizens of Hazleton PA as well! It is an honor and a privilege to be included in this action and god willing we can stop another politician who supports illegal’s to slip through the cracks and get into the white house.

I really don’t think that he’ll be representing all Hazleton citizens. Especially if his assertion that illegal immigrants are taking over his little town. I have to also think that there are compassionate people in Hazleton as well. Not everyone their is a member of Voice of the People USA.

It’s simply sad and sick to see this type of announcement one day after Christmas. That is what’s wrong with this country. Regardless of what religion you prescribe to many have lost their compassion for their fellow man. How else could someone write such hateful things about other human beings one day after Christmas trying to stir up hatred and anger in us all?


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  1. ALIPAC and Voice of the People USA are two patriotic groups headed by two great leaders, William Gheen and Dan Smeriglio , respectively. Both of these gentlemen have made it their mission to inform the public the truth as to what is really happening to America from the illegal alien invasion. Both groups fully support enforcing the immigration laws we currently have. Our immigration system is not broken but enforcement of our immigration laws are. The answer to the illegal alien problem is “attrition through enforcement”. Take away the magnets; jobs, welfare, food stamps, medical care, education, birthright citizenship should all be denied to illegal aliens. Without these ‘magnets’, the vast majority of illegals will self deport. Others, as they commit crimes and are arrested, are ID’ed and deported. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that since we have 20 million plus illegal aliens, we’ll just have to absorb them into our society and culture and provide them citizenship. Simple enforcement of our immigration laws is all that is needed to return us to a safe, secure and sovereign nation.

  2. I am hoping that Daniel and VOPUSA will work towards becoming more humanitarian this year, but I have no hope for William Gheen or ALIPAC. It doesn’t take too much internet research to find that they are a hateful group.

    I will always stand by the fact that when you say “illegal” or “illegal alien” you are talking about a human being. Most often this is a person that simply crossed the border without permission. They are not the hateful criminals groups like ALIPAC make them out to be.

  3. America is a big, wealthy country, but it is not infinite. We simply cannot afford to accept everyone who desires to come here, and if we did America would be no more. Those who come here illegally need to face consequences, as we would expect to if the tables were turned. The leaders of our nation have a duty to manage immigration and other forms of access so as not to harm the citizens, who have no homeland to return to if America turns sour for them. Every other sovereign nation does this to at least some extent. When Americans are driven out of jobs or businesses, when their schools and emergency rooms are swamped with non-English speaking people, when they become the victims of crime by a perpetrator who shouldn’t be here to harm them, or when they are threatened and harassed due to cultural conflicts by someone with no desire to learn our laws and assimilate, that’s a real problem that our leaders need to address, not disregard. What should be our reaction to those massive summer demonstrations, when hostile people claimed that our country was really theirs? Why is there so much compassion for the law breakers, and so little for those who are being imposed upon? Or is symsess unaware of the widespread suffering of ordinary Americans that is behind this groundswell of support for organizations such as ALIPAC.us?

  4. In your comment you do a few things that I’m completely against: Demonizing immigrants by stating:

    when they become the victims of crime by a perpetrator who shouldn’t be here to harm them

    You also justify this by stating other countries do it. Since when did we justify intolerance by showing it’s ok in other countries? Other countries justify all kinds of insanity, but I’m not ready to start doing the same here?

    There is suffering in this country due to greed and intolerance that would be present with or without undocumented migrants. Of course it wasn’t present in the chain stores as everybody scrambled to buy Wiis, iPods, or whatever expensive electronic gadget their children wanted.

    Maybe Americans need to face the consequences of their own personal greed and need to stand up to the greed of our leaders. Why do the downtrodden, that bleed for our consumerism, have to “suffer the consequences.” They already do. Isn’t that why they’re coming here? It’s not like walking over the bridge from New Jersey into New Hope, PA – these people are risking their lives to come here. And yes they are people. They’re not “illegals” or “criminals” or whatever term you feel makes them seem subhumans so you can justify your anger towards them.

    I feel for all people – not just Americans – but everyone that suffers for greed, ignorance, intolerance, prejudice, or whatever inhumane insanity happens to be “all the rage” at any given time.

    it’s one thing to want immigration reform. We obviously need some plan – nobody can deny that. It’s a completely different thing to say you’re for legal immigration while making terrible comments about Hispanics and Mexicans or blaming all crime on migrants through some falsehood meant to stir up fear and anger. That’s what I believe ALIPAC does and what anyone can find if you simply do some reading.

  5. But a few immigrants ARE bad guys – why do we need to overlook that? And it is our porous border together with lax enforcement that facilitates these incidents. Most illegal immigrants mean well, but that does not change the need for more schools, clinics, and bilingual services, all of which cost a lot of money.

    There is also the body blow to our working poor – I am hearing that some of them are being rejected for jobs because they don’t speak Spanish.

    Getting back to your quote, there are thousands of documented incidents of crimes being committed by illegal aliens. Isn’t it natural for the victims to resent their presence here? How is it demonizing someone if you point out an instance where it happens to be true? I’m not aware of any group blaming ALL crime on one ethnic group, merely pointing out that if our existing immigration laws had been enforced, certain individuals would not have been here to do what they are now known to have done. Are you saying that NO crimes have ever been perpetrated by an illegal alien? Of course you can’t be saying that, because it’s obviously untrue.

    I might just as well object to your demonization of the average American citizen. What do you mean by ‘face the consequences of their own personal greed’? I know many Americans who are pursuing simplicity and frugality in their lives. I also know many Americans who are not earning what they were told to expect when they were choosing careers in their youth. In many cases, this is because work was outsourced or given to foreign workers who were brought in on the pretext of some fake talent shortage claim. I know many Americans who clean their own homes, mow their own lawns, and cook their own food. Please don’t demonize Americans whose only crime was to play by the rules of the economy and society they were born into.

    If you think things are tense now, wait till the final shoe of NAFTA gets dropped. I’m hearing that life for rural Mexicans will get even worse. So, we give up good paying blue collar jobs, and they give up the ability to earn a living in their own country. What kind of deal was that?

  6. Sorry to burst your bleeding heart, symsess, but they are both “illegals” and “criminals”.

    (1) Violating the immigration law is a CRIME
    (2) Forging documents is a FELONY CRIME
    (3) Passing forged documents is a FELONY CRIME
    (4) Stealing ID is a FELONY CRIME
    (5) Using stolen ID is a FELONY CRIME
    (6) Re-entering the country after being deported is a FELONY CRIME

    One or more of the above has been committed by every illegal alien in America.

    Immigration Terminology 101

    With the vitriolic immigration debate roiling in all parts of our country, it is important to understand terminology. Be prepared to dispel the half-truths and no truths of the way those who are illegally in our country are described by their advocates. Knowledge is power:

    1.) Unlawful; illegitimate; illicit; unlicensed.
    2.) Illegal, unlawful, illegitimate, illicit, criminal can all describe actions not in accord with law.
    3.) Illegal refers most specifically to violations of statutes.
    4.) Prohibited by law

    1.) a person who is not a citizen of the country.
    2.) in the United States any person born in another country to parents who are not American and who has not become a naturalized citizen. There are resident aliens officially permitted to live in the country and illegal aliens who have sneaked into the country or stayed beyond the time allowed on a visa.

    1. to enter like an enemy: Locusts invaded the fields
    2. to enter as if to take possession: To invade a neighbor’s home
    3. to enter and affect injuriously or destructively, as disease: Viruses that invade the bloodstream.
    4. to intrude upon: To invade the privacy of a family.
    5. to encroach or infringe upon: to invade the rights of citizens.
    6. to permeate: The smell of baking invades the house.
    7. to penetrate; spread into or over: The population boom has caused city dwellers to invade the suburbs

    Those illegally in a country are not “immigrants”. There is no such thing as an “illegal immigrant”. An immigrant is involved with an established and orderly procedure of immigration (entering a country to which one is not native in order to settle there by legal process).

    They are not immigrants, not undocumented immigrants (Kennedy, et. al’s favorite), not undocumented workers, not undocumented Americans (Harry Reid’s favorite), not immigrants without work papers, not people who are working (Enrique Morone’s favorite), not migrant workers, and not day laborers.

    The government has defined them as “illegal aliens” and explicitly uses that term in all its laws and statutes. So keep it simple…a spade is a spade…they are illegal aliens. Or, if you’d prefer, another term that would be just as correct to use is “invaders”. I would consider the two interchangeable.

    One other definition is exceedingly useful since you’ll hear with every piece of amnesty legislation, the open border lobbyists and invader advocates will declare that it isn’t amnesty in the hope that you will think so. Here’s the definition of amnesty so you can decide for yourself:

    AMNESTY is legislation to forgive the breaking of immigration laws and to make it possible for illegal aliens to live permanently in the United States. Amnesty represents a system of federal rewards and assistance for illegal aliens, and they entice an even greater number of foreign nationals to invade a country.

    1. A general pardon for offenses against a government
    2. An act of forgiveness for past offenses, esp. to a class of persons as whole
    3. Forgetting or overlooking any past offense

    There you have it, folks. Knowledge is power…use it wisely.

  7. When compassion is left at the back door there’s always going to be a good reason to justify the demonization of a people. This type of thing is nothing new for America and certainly nothing new for the world. Of course the immigration debate (mostly by white-majority countries) is going on all over the world.

    You sounded fairly convincing until you stated these migrants are invaders. Comparing these migrants to “invaders” is a ridiculous and fear-breeding tactic that is only meant to gain support for the nativist movement.

    This country constantly puts its foot on the back of other nations. If you want to talk about “invaders” let’s talk about Iraq. Now that’s an issue that has somehow been pushed aside for this immigration debate. I’m sure the Bush cronies just love that. Why bother worrying about Iraq? It’s only the misuse of our military and a perfect way to destroy our standing in the free world. No big deal – certainly not as important as people working here peacefully without documentation.

    You’re right that there’s no such thing as an “illegal immigrant” – the definition of a migrant has nothing to do with the laws of the country they have chosen to settle in:

    : one that immigrates: as a: a person who comes to a country to take up permanent residence b: a plant or animal that becomes established in an area where it was previously unknown

    They’re not illegal – they’re simply migrants and if we practiced what we preached and treated everyone across the globe with compassion then there would be no need for these migrants to come here and/or they’d be more welcome to come. I believe most of us feel that people would like to remain in their native countries. We live well and have so many elitists (many of those anti-immigrants that demonize migrants fit into this category) while so much of the world lives in poverty making our comfort possible.

    As far as the law goes – we all know that all laws are for our own benefit. Maybe some agent of the CIA or FBI is looking through my emails now (since that’s the law). I feel so safe.

    Of course, as I always like to point out, why don’t you and your friends go chase down speeders and cell phone talkers on the freeway? They’re all criminals too and they are putting other people’s lives in danger.

  8. No way am I going to buy into your insinuation that American citizens deserve to be demonized. We let in more immigrants than anyone else, I’ve been told, and give out more foreign aid. You shouldn’t assume that everyone who thinks differently than you loves the war in Iraq either. It is inconsistant to love ‘immigrants’ (as you call them) while hating Americans and wishing them ill. The fact is that some people have broken the laws that our country had every right to make. We need to ask harder questions, such as why isn’t Mexico a happy and wealthy country, considering its relatively large amount of good land, warm climate, oil reserves and such. Your apparent dislike of ordinary Americans rubs me the wrong way. I have never protested whenever someone got a speeding ticket, while it bothers you when illegals are rounded up. I think the big demonstrations of 2006 woke up a lot of people and were a tactical mistake for the pro-“immigrants.” Chasing down criminals is a job for the police (and other law enforcement officers) not citizen vigilantes, except in rare cases. Surely you don’t want that.

  9. “We let in more immigrants than anyone else, I’ve been told”

    Right you are, higherednerd…we welcome in 1.4 million LEGAL immigrants yearly

  10. “Of course, as I always like to point out, why don’t you and your friends go chase down speeders and cell phone talkers on the freeway? They’re all criminals too and they are putting other people’s lives in danger.”

    With all due respect, symsess, this is one asinine analogy.

  11. zeezil, on December 29th, 2007 at 1:49 pm Said:
    “We let in more immigrants than anyone else, I’ve been told”

    Right you are, higherednerd…we welcome in 1.4 million LEGAL immigrants yearly

    BTW: that is more than what the rest of the world, combined, allows into their respective countries. I’d say the good old U.S.A is the most welcoming, LEGAL immigrant friendly and ethnically diverse nation on the planet.

  12. America stops being a sovereign nation when she allows people to invade it (yes, I said that word) and allows these invaders to demand changes to suit their needs. Suddenly we have to change our language, our laws and our culture to benefit people who have no legal right to be here in the first place. If we all thought like symsess, we would have caos in this country with everyone in the world coming in at will. And they are criminals (yes, I said that word, too). They are breaking the law just by being here. We also lose 25 American citizens lives due to the illegal aliens in this country, with a 50/50 split between illegal alien drunk drivers and violent crimes committed by illegal aliens. Statistics say that 48 Americans are murdered every day in this country. Do the math. These are not people just looking for a job. Groups like ALIPAC are not hate groups just because they want the laws enforce in this country. That’s just an argument some use to push their agenda of keeping our borders open and giving amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. For too long this government has pushed the Americans to the back of the line to appease the wishes of foreign countries and to further their own agendas. Sorry, symsess, your arguments don’t hold water.

  13. The analogy is to point out how people such as yourself constantly say “it’s the law” and the US is a “nation of laws.” No kidding. Maybe more citizens aught to actually abide by them. It illustrates how people only care about the law if it fits their needs at that moment. At least these migrants are breaking the law for a good reason. When I see people ignoring US laws and putting my life in danger because it’s inconvenient to their lifestyle I just shake my head and think “yep, that’s an American.” It’s actually quite a good analogy of how hypocrisy reigns supreme in the good ol’ US of A.

    No matter what side of this issue you’re on we all know that our immigration system, and laws, have major problems that need to be addressed. There is nothing easy about becoming a US citizen.

    This country may be more welcoming than others but it certainly still struggles with racism and prejudice. To deny that is simply absurd. You need to go look through some of the anti-“illegal” immigrant message boards and you’ll see how welcoming this country really is.

  14. tinybobidaho

    Again, another person trying to say that all migrants are murderers. I don’t assume you’ll read through this blog, but I don’t believe in open borders. All I want is for the insane hate and fear mongering to stop against migrants.

    Migrants are being demonized and it goes from those here illegally to those who were just sworn in. When a bunch of white people (say what you want – most anti-immigrant groups are white-based) are making terrible comments about Hispanics then that’s not pro-immigration talk. Not to mention that groups like Numbers USA want a sharp reduction in the number of people let into this country.

    As I just wrote above – take some time to read through the message boards of these groups. Most anti-“illegal” immigrant groups are stirring up anti-Hispanic sentiment and it shows in the terrible comments made on these message boards.

    You give me a compassionate solution that recognizes that we’re talking about human beings, not “illegals”, and I’ll listen to your plan. You start calling all migrants rapists and murderers and I don’t have any reason to continue listening.

    Don’t let people play on your fears.

  15. Well, symsess, if you don’t think illegal aliens are putting your life in danger, click into the Violent Crimes Insitute and do a little research yourself. Yes, we have crime in this country, but we certainly could have a lot less if we had someone to watch our doors.

  16. Symsess, I didn’t say all illegal aliens were criminals. I just gave you the statistics, and I don’t see where I mentioned Hispanics at all. I have the same disdain for American criminals as I do for foreign criminals, but people with your mindset are always going to turn this into a race issue. Illegal is not a race. Obviously, you think it’s okay to disregard our laws if your a “migrant.”

  17. The solution to all the open borders nonsense and to the consternation of the bleeding hearts and illegal alien huggers, is to simply enforce the law. Enforcing our current immigration laws will cause ‘Attrition through Enforcement’. With no jobs and a cessation of the gravy train of government provided benefits, millions of illegals will simply reverse their footsteps and go home ala self-deportation. Those that want to remain here and commit crimes are ID’ed upon arrest and deported. It really is that simple.

  18. Actually I don’t think that these migrants are putting my life in danger, but I’m not naive enough to think everyone is good either. Statistically there is a higher chance that I will be hurt by a citizen anyway.

    Your statement does imply that these migrants are all criminals and I’ve done enough reading to know that is a tactic used by most anti-“illegal” immigrant (and nativist) groups.

    Your statement that there would be chaos in the US if I had my way is ridiculous. I don’t want chaos and I don’t want people being treated with disdain simply for crossing a border without permission.

    What’s strange to me is that the much bigger issue nobody wants to talk about which is why these migrants come here – and it’s not because they want to steal our money or rape our women. The United States’ dominance in the world marketplace leaves these countries working for next to nothing and barely able to support their families. Just as any responsible person would do these migrants come here so that their families don’t starve to death or live in terrible squalor. This is why I believe the approach should be humanitarian and really has little to do with the law. Laws are broken everyday by US citizens – so what’s the difference. As I stated previously – the driving reference – you don’t go screaming down every person driving while talking on their cell phones, but won’t you agree they are putting the lives of others in danger. How many people are killed in traffic accidents each year? Why do law enforcement agencies constantly have to pay for drunk driving commercials around this time of year? It’s because so many drunk people are going to be driving around choosing to break the law because it’s so much more convenient to drive themselves home and because they know better than the lawmakers do. So what’s the difference? I say the difference is that migrants are not here trying to kill us – though it’s often said that they are. They’re here trying to provide for their families.

    So as I said before….you propose a compassionate solution and I’ll listen.

  19. symsess, on December 29th, 2007 at 10:02 pm Said:
    “So as I said before….you propose a compassionate solution and I’ll listen.”

    The compassionate solution is simple: ENFORCE THE LAW

  20. The compassionate solution is not ours to implement but Mexico’s. It is Mexico that has created misery for so many of its people by allowing corruption, signing NAFTA, and generally favoring the rich. The ironic result of that is that their rich don’t live so well either as they have to take elaborate security precautions and are essentially not free in their own country. Anybody with even a little bit needs to hire body guards because kidnapping for ransom is so rampant. By contrast, kidnapping for ransom has become very rare in America because our law enforcement took it so seriously and acted so strenuously to make sure that the rewards vanished and the risk to the perpetrator skyrocketed.

    Fixing Mexico is what’s needed here, and this is a case where America can’t do it all. Calderone is making bold promises to returning Mexicans, but what is he doing? What can he do? American has no magic wand to wave over the mess in Mexican society, their misery is not entirely our fault.

  21. I’m sorry, but you cannot simply dismiss your role in this issue. That’s a major part of the problem. No you don’t have to go to Mexico and petition for rights, but you must accept how your everyday choices effect Mexico and how much the US has influence over every other nation.

    You’re blaming Mexico for signing NAFTA? Who wrote it? I’m not a NAFTA expert, but wikipedia states that it was pursued by business interests from the US and Canada. So it would seem that blaming Mexico for signing it is not unlike blaming a starving cat for getting into a salmon-baited have-a-heart trap. It should have never been allowed by our government in the first place.

    Kidnapping stopped because it’s too difficult to get away with. If our law enforcement agencies were capable of doing away with particular crimes by focusing on them and creating higher penalties then why are drugs still such a big problem. Whole police units are solely responsible for doing away with drugs, but they still prevail.

    At least you say their misery is “not entirely our fault” as it implies you understand on some level it is. Your description of Mexico is certainly not from a vacation flyer. Why wouldn’t these people want to leave? Why is it ok for us to go overthrowing the leaders in Iraq, but we don’t have authority to change, for the better, the lives of people in Mexico?

    I just say have a heart and let your Jiminy Cricket be your guide. You do that and the answers will come one person you help at time.

  22. Yes we can walk away from it – we have to. Because we can’t fix what is wrong with Mexico, only with ourselves. I don’t remember getting a chance to vote on NAFTA, do you? I’m sure there’s plenty of blame to go around, but we are not the boss of Mexico, and cannot make the changes that need to be made for their country to stop making their citizens miserable. It would turn into another Iraq if we tried, and we already have a full plate of that, as you have pointed out, thank you.

  23. Oh, and BTW kidnapping for ransom went down in the US because law enforcement, particularly the FBI, took it so seriously and made solving these cases and punishing perpetrators a priority. It’s still quite easy to pull off a kidnapping – even easier with the ready availability of guns and the interstate highway system. It’s collecting the ransom and making your escape that have become nearly impossible in America since the early 20th century.

    Juarez has a major serial killer problem that focuses on female factory workers.

    Someone is killing off Mexico’s singers, too.

    These crimes frequently involve torture and mutiliation.

    When I was a teenager, it was explained to me by Mexican relatives that if you’re Mexican and you go on vacation, you don’t mention this to the police. More recently I’ve learned that police expect tips and refreshments if you call them for a crime. How could America fix this?

    I’m not blaming them for wanting a better life, but there is ample documentation that a lot of the problems they are fleeing are following them here. And they are straining an infrastructure that ordinary Americans are paying for. The solution is not to import Mexico, it’s to fix Mexico.

  24. I agree with many of your points. I’m only asking that we not demoralize and demonize these people for leaving a situation that we wouldn’t ourselves want to be in. I obviously don’t have the answer, but I’m not willing to throw people back into a bleak situation and say “fix it yourselves.” Countries have helped one another gain freedom from oppressors throughout history. It’s symbolized in the Statue of Liberty. Maybe it’s time the people of the US stood up and demanded that Mexico, and every other oppressive country, make changes for the betterment of its people. Unfortunately it seems that people are putting fault on the victims. It just shows that there is little desire to help these people, but much desire to get rid of them.

  25. Yes, standing up and demanding that Mexico make changes is an appropriate thing for us to be doing. That’s one practical way for the US to help. Too many of us are looking the other way, and now that is coming back to haunt us. US businesses in particular love Mexico’s desperation, because they can get bargain-priced, desperate, docile workers. They don’t have to pay for safety and modernization when they can just throw more bodies at any task. Now, let’s discuss one more law – the laws of arithmatic. Mexico has over 100 million people. How many of them can we rescue by letting them in without the problems of Mexico becoming ours? When can we have an intelligent conversation about the carrying capacity of America without someone demonizing us with epithets like ‘racist,’ ‘xenophobe’ and ‘natalist’ – which is what gets flung at Americans every time they even question what is happening. Mexico’s woes are about to get worse. Between the last mile of NAFTA and the falling dollar, there will be hell to pay.

  26. I don’t actually think that many of the average Americans that are joining that anti-“illegal” immigrant movement are necessarily racists or xenophobes. It’s many of the leaders of these groups that I question. (Just read the scary quotes page.) However, I do think average Americans offended by the bold in-your-face poverty that many of these migrants bring to their community. Of course, though they are not here legally by today’s immigration laws, they are not too dissimilar from migrants of the past. There was an article in the Daily Record recently where a lawyer had an epiphany realizing that the way these migrants are living is just like the Italian immigrants of the past lived in this area. This includes being treated the same way.

    This blog attempts to point out the hate speech and sadly I won’t run out of material any time soon though I wish there were no need for this blog at all.

    Are we to save the world – as Numbers USA’s “Gumballs” video asks – by bringing everyone to the US? We do need to save the world, but not by bringing everyone to the US which I don’t believe any pro-immigrant groups are asking for. Obviously we need another solution that works towards the benefit of everyone involved. Though we can’t just tell them to get out and turn our back on their plight.

  27. The U.S., nor her citizens are here to “solve the illegal immigrants plight”. The best way to solve the poverty and cultural deficit plight of the illegal immigrants is to enforce our immigration laws to ensure they are returned to their homeland and to prevent others from entering. Our open borders policy has enabled America to be the safety relief valve of Latin America, primarily Mexico as these third world countries have been able to actively export their citizens here and burdened us with their education, health care and employment. Had these disenfranchised people not been allowed to illegally immigrate here, they would have remained in their own countries and effectively been able to band together and demand reforms and an end to rampant corruption within their own governments that effectively shuts them out of any prosperity in favor of the Latin Elite (ala Mexican Carlos Slim, the richest man in the world). Why do you think the Latin Elite so actively promote illegal immigration to the U.S.? It keeps them from having to assume any responsibility for any of their welfare and they are able to send their angry poor who band together here, demonstrate in our streets and demand amnesty (citizenship) as a reward for their illegal entry. They much prefer for us to bear the brunt of their anger than it be demonstrated at home. And, they also love the remittances of all the billions of dollars (24 billion dollars sent back to Mexico in 2007) that their nationals send back to the homeland. Be advised that this money is effectively taken out of circulation from our economy and directly transferred to Latin America, primarily Mexico (due to the fact that we have 14% of Mexico’s population now living in the U.S. and 20% of their work force is in our country).

  28. “The more we become a nation of illegal immigrants, the more we fall into anarchy”
    – Congressman Elton Gallegly

  29. There are two ways that illegal immigration is scaring ordinary citizens.

    One way is when a bad apple gets here and harms an American. It is that trigger that seems to bring out the most emotional outcries, and causes pro-illegals to respond with accusations of ‘demonization’ of all immigrants. In fact, the number of bad apples is small, but even just one can have a huge and tragic impact on an American community.

    But let’s assume for the sake of argument that there are no bad apples, that everyone coming in is meek, saintly, productive and good. Could there still be a problem with that? Yes, if you live in a small town and hundreds of such people arrive, hungry, looking for work, some of them sick, some pregnant. Suddenly you have a social services problem in your midst. Even so when thousands arrive in a small city, or hundreds of thousands in a large city. Those numbers are not unrealistic. Some people estimate that there are 12 million such people here, others that the number is closer to 20 million or even higher.

    There are documented reports of wage undercutting in entire work categories, dismissal and non-hiring of American working poor because they don’t speak Spanish, and allegations of use of welfare benefits and other local charitable resources. The truth about welfare usage is more complex. The illegals aren’t eligible, but if they have a child here, the child is. “Child only” welfare cases, where parents collect nothing for themselves, but administer benefits for their children, are rising sharply.

    So, while we might want to help, we also need to assess the costs and the impact upon existing communities when it comes to framing our immigration policies. That is part of the job of a sovereign nation, something it owes to its citizens.

  30. First, to clarify, I respond directly to actual demonization of immigrants in an effort to put focus on the issue itself rather than finding scapegoats in the people themselves. There are plenty of groups and individuals more than happy to paint undocumented migrants as evil rapists and murders. I don’t make this up for my own enjoyment. It is real and it is happening.

    As far as the issue – whether you’re talking about wage undercutting, greedy governments, or a general lack of care or concern it all boils down to the negative side of humanity – not caring for one another, deception, and deceit. Everyone abusing migrants and citizens alike while abusing the system and showing a lack of concern for their fellow man is guilty here. This is a complex issue, but it boils down to fundamental morality and ethics. So I don’t see how we’re going to fix this problem by using the very tactics that created it.

    When the politicians and the huge anti-“illegal” immigration groups start talking about this issue without focusing on the migrants, in an effort to promote fear and hatred, I’ll listen. Negativity towards migrants will not provide an answer. If negativity towards migrants kept people from coming to the US half of us wouldn’t be here. This is nothing new so let’s find a better way to approach it. Simply trying to scare everyone back home is certainly no way to deal with a problem that spans across nations and which our government is very much responsible for.

  31. Congressman Gallegly’s quote has little truth in it. Our police forces maintain law and order for their communities regardless of who’s here legally or illegally. Yes, we have to fix this situation, but silly quotes about anarchy don’t provide answers.

    Here’s Elton’s voting record. I have no reason to agree with his quote regarding immigration. If anything he’s probably just as responsible for this issue as the president and every other congressman that panders to big business and cares little for their constituents or anyone else.(voting record)

    Here’s an exerpt from one of the bills he voted no on:

    The conference agreement on H.R. 1591 also aims to improve health care for returning soldiers and veterans. It addresses needs related to hurricane recovery for the Gulf Coast, bolsters homeland security programs and provides emergency drought relief for farmers.

    The legislation says that troops in Iraq would not have their service extended beyond a year for any tour of duty. It also mandates that the president must certify that the Iraqi government is meeting certain diplomatic and security benchmarks. If that certification is made, deployment would begin no later than Oct. 1, 2007, with a goal of completing the redeployment by within 180 days. Some U.S. forces could remain in Iraq for special counterterrorism efforts along with protection, training and equipping Iraqi troops.

  32. zeezil, on January 1st, 2008 at 4:25 am Said:

    The U.S., nor her citizens are here to “solve the illegal immigrants plight”. The best


    But somehow We ARE here to solve Iraq’s and others problem, that didn’t even ask for any intervention. symsess, you’re doing an excellent job in exposing the hypocrisy among these people. They apply different morals and logic to every situation as they see fit, yet try to justify it like it was nothing wrong, morally. I think you’ve made clear what you stand for, which includes sovereignty for the US, No open borders, etc, but not even THAT is enough for these people. They want you to show antagonism towards the migrants themselves. They want you to turn callous, like they are, before they accept you as “legit”.

  33. It is guest that is setting up straw men to be knocked down. We do not have to get into a time machine, go back and prevent the Iraq invasion, and return in order to have the right to enforce our immigration laws. The two are not connected. Anybody who thinks that we can fix Mexico’s problems without a much bigger mess than Iraq is living on wishful thinking.

  34. Actually we can right after we remove the blinders. Iraq wasn’t simply the product of a dictator that had to be removed – one for which compassion and discussion would not have swayed. Our government created that problem long ago.

    As soon as we embrace, and believe in, compassion as a solution things will start to change. It won’t happen over night, but we’ll be able to overcome. Civil rights weren’t won with guns and violence – neither will the ills of the world.

    Until we find a compassionate common ground and decide to come together to help one another rather than just push each other out of the way we have no chance. The fact is there are approximately twelve million people here without permission from our government, the vast majority of whom are doing nothing wrong otherwise, and we aren’t going to force them out with violence. We shouldn’t act like savages and brutes making this country seem any worse to the world than it already does. We have to be exemplary of what can be accomplished without weapons and aggression. This is the USA for crying out loud.

  35. I believe it’s closer to 20 million, according to some estimates. We don’t need to round them all up, that’s a false dichotomy. We only need to punish the people who are hiring them so they can get cheaper, more docile labor.

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