Area illegal immigration foe targets Huckabee – Times Leader

In an apparent effort to confuse Iowa voters Voice of the People USA, along with more prominent and hateful anti-illegal immigrant (or nativist) groups will be running around the state telling everyone not to vote for Mike Huckabee. Unfortunately when these newly enlightened voters ask who they should vote for these groups will have no answer. Great strategy.  This attempt to simply spread fear and confusion just falls right in line with every other tactic of these groups.  From their websites to their rallies they simply want to promote hatred of migrants rather than provided any solutions or truth.

This saddens me on many levels as I’d hoped VOPUSA was going to focus more on their immediate community by working to reduce crime through the unity of their town while helping their neighbors in other ways as well.  I hate to give this criticism of the group after feeling they were actually headed in a better direction; however, this move seems to contradict that my thouhts.  Though the group does claim to be broadening their more positive horizons for 2008 I certainly hope this move will not be demonstrative of their 2008 goals.  I certainly don’t think that siding with ALIPAC in Iowa is the best first phase for a group that claims they’re hoping to make their community a better place. 

Area illegal immigration foe targets Huckabee – Full Post
Dam Smeriglio of Voice of the People says GOP candidate’s backs “touchback amnesty.”

By Steve Mocarsky
Staff Writer

FREELAND – The founder of a Hazleton-based anti-illegal immigration group left for Iowa on Wednesday to join other activists to discredit GOP presidential contender Mike Huckabee before the Iowa caucus.

“We’re going to expose to Iowa voters that Mike Huckabee, who is currently leading in the Iowa polls, is … a fraud, and his record speaks volumes. He does not care about immigration reform, and basically, we need to go out there and get the word out,” Dan Smeriglio, president and founder of Voice of the People USA, said Wednesday at a press conference at the Veterans of Foreign Wars post in Freeland.


3 thoughts on “Area illegal immigration foe targets Huckabee – Times Leader”

  1. I’m doing the same thing — that is, running around telling people not to vote for Huckabee, even though I don’t necessarily know who is the best alternative. Because Huckabee? Scares the living daylights out of me, and not just re: immigration.

  2. That’s great. I don’t like Huckabee either, but you have to vote for somebody and there’s quite a few more people to choose from.

    Why not promote a candidate that you agree with rather than just telling people not to vote for a candidate. That would seem to be a more focused approach.

  3. Charles,
    believe me sir there are many things on the horizon for us and alot of positives that have already been set in motion! Hold out a little bit of faith, I am not doing a 360 on you! I have learned alot from so many including you but at the same time as we may see differently on this recent move it is important to force candidates to be as honest as they can be especially on an issue that is one of the most important issues of the upcoming election! That is where I stand and obviously I cannot and will not endorse a candidate on a public scale but to say the very least this too has been an extremely wonderful and educational experience for me as well. Also it was great to see live and in person just how greedy and useless FAIR truly is! They are nothing more than big business that could care a less about the little people and their egotistical practices will never be forgotten to say the very least! In any event, Charles I do hope to correspond with you again soon. Take care and if I do not get the chance to do it before hand I do hope that you and yours have a very happy and healthy new years

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