Immigration and the Candidates – NY Times Editorial

This is a good editorial from the NY Times detailing the problems with the immigration debate and how it is simply a blame game where every Republican is trying to to step on the others head to reach the top. It’s great how instead of focusing on Iraq, a much bigger issue I think, they’ve found this hate-filled debate to be more savory. I guess we’ll see where it leads, but I hope it leads to the same results as we saw in the last election where voters didn’t vote for the most anti-immigrant candidates.

Immigration and the Candidates
Published: December 30, 2007

Even by the low standards of presidential campaigns, the issue of immigration has been badly served in the 2008 race. Candidates — and by this we mean the Republicans, mostly — have been striking poses and offering prescriptions that sound tough but will solve nothing. They have distorted or disowned their pasts and attacked one another ferociously, but over appearances, not ideas — over who can claim to be the authentic scourge of illegal immigrants, and who is the Lou-Dobbs-Come-Lately.
Instead of answering these questions, the Republican candidates have spent their time blasting one another as coddlers of illegal immigrants and supporters of “amnesty.” This has proved tricky, however, for the candidates who in previous lives had to deal with immigration in the real world, where immigrant energy and low-end labor — both legal and illegal — tend to bolster economies and make life easier for everyone.


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