The illegal immigrant named Texan of the Year – Dallas Morning News

When I started this blog covering immigration issues – though not to the best extent possible – I didn’t believe this issue was as much in the forefront as it now is. With the war in Iraq still in progress I figured it would remain the most important debate for the country, but somehow illegal immigration has taken its place.

I started the blog in response to the terrible comments made about migrants (though directed at Hispanics) at the Morristown ProAmerica Rally this July. Though it’s obvious nativist groups have been around for quite some time they are currently making waves via the upcoming election by injecting the fear of migrants into the veins of the nation. I just can’t believe so many people are holding out their spoons.

The Illegal Immigrant – Named Texan of the Year – Full Article
12:00 AM CST on Sunday, December 30, 2007

He is at the heart of a great culture war in Texas – and the nation, credited with bringing us prosperity and blamed for abusing our resources. How should we deal with this stranger among us?


He breaks the law by his very presence. He hustles to do hard work many Americans won’t, at least not at the low wages he accepts. The American consumer economy depends on him. America as we have known it for generations may not survive him.

We can’t seem to live with him and his family, and if we can live without him, nobody’s figured out how.


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