Senator Named PETA’s Person of the Year –

Senator Named PETA’s Person of the Year

Senator Robert C. Byrd of West Virginia has been named PETA’s “Person of the Year.” Byrd has been recognized with the award for his passionate defense of animals throughout six decades of public service.

The senior senator, who was a meat cutter in his youth, has evolved into a tireless advocate for improving legal protection for animals, including animals who are slaughtered for food. The following are a few of Byrd’s many efforts in behalf of animals:

# When the Michael Vick scandal broke, Byrd made a stirring 24-minute speech on the senate floor condemning dogfighting as “barbaric.”

To highlight a person in our government showing compassion towards others I thought I’d post this from Peta’s website. Showing compassion towards animals usually means you’ll do the same towards other humans just as hurting animals is generally a sign that a person has no issue hurting others. Most serial killers start out abusing animals.

Interestingly I was watching a Twilight Zone episode today called “The Hunt” in which a man realizes he’s dead. He and his dog wander up to what they believe to be the gates of Heaven. He believes it is St. Peter that is inviting him in, but he refuses to let the man’s dog Rip in with him. This man refuses to go in without his dog because the dog is his companion. We soon find out that it was not St. Peter he was talking to and it was actually Hell the man was about to be lead into, but his love for his dog kept him out. He eventually ends up in Heaven with his dog. Of course he can’t wait to go raccoon hunting which I don’t agree with, but I’ll take whatever show of compassion I can get.

It’s too bad we don’t have this same compassion for other animals and for each other because that compassion would surely keep us all out of Hell too. Whether it’s a literal or figurative hell we are certainly not creating a very nice place when we shun others and make them feel unwanted. What many of the anti-“illegal” immigrant and nativist groups are doing is nothing more that advocating hatred and prejudice against others. This does not necessarily mean it’s based in racism though. Many may not care about the migrant’s race at all – what they see is a person trying to take from them – their job, their community, or their parking space. It is not very admirable to look down on others simple because they are not US citizens. The majority of the migrants which are targeted are not the rabid law breakers they are made out to be. Most have only crossed the border without permission. Yet, they are categorized with murders, rapists, and common thieves.

Let’s learn to show compassion towards one another and empathize with the plight of others. If we all refuse to let others suffer, whether they are in the US, or in another country, then we will truly all be better for it and we’ll certainly make this world a better place. And hopefully we’ll be rewarded in the afterlife as well.


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