Arizona and Tennessee Enact New Law Against Undocumented Migrants Using Questionable Database

Here are some articles regarding Arizona and Tennessee’s newly passed law requiring all businesses to verify the legality of their employees or face severe penalties. It would be nice if we could rely on a government database, but we know all too well that our government is the last place you’ll find reliability and accuracy.

Of course these law do nothing to help anyone, but rather they seek to destroy the lives of people that are contributing to our country.  These businesses will not be hurt as much as those workers that cannot prove they are legal citizens or get caught up trying to prove they are legal after a faulty E-Verify database decides they shouldn’t be here.

Even more disturbing then these businesses having to rely on a unreliable government database (the same government that was trying to issue visas to dead 9/11 hijackers) is the fact that citizens are encouraged to call in any businesses they believe are using illegal migrant labor. Sadly this will most likely translate into any businesses that hires Hispanics.

IRCA, E-VERIFY, And Immigration Compliance Laws In Tennessee And Arizona
by Greg Siskind


On January 1st, employers in Arizona and Tennessee will begin having to comply with controversial new immigration laws that make those states enforcers of immigration law right along with the federal government. Whether state and local governments have the legal right to be doing this is the subject of many court battles around the country since the Founding Fathers clearly gave Congress the sole authority to regulate immigration. But with a Congress seemingly paralyzed in its attempts to get a handle on immigration policy and with 1400 bills pending around the country, the new reality is that employers will need to comply with a whole new set of laws on top of the existing federal rules.

Valley employers not enforcing new immigrant sanctions law?
Reported by: Tim Vetscher

A new law penalizing employers who hire illegal immigrants took effect at midnight on Tuesday.

But thousands of Arizona employers have yet to use the free government service to determine if their workers are legal.

Report: E-verify database fails standard test
11/26/07 — 05:56 PM

By Alice Lipowicz

The E-Verify program uses a database that does not meet accuracy standards set by Congress, according to a new report from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

E-Verify, which allows employers to verify Social Security numbers for new workers, is jointly run by USCIS and the Social Security Administration. It was previously known as Basic Pilot and Web Basic Pilot, and renamed E-Verify in August.

Hiring Freeze
Arizona tries to curb illegal workers by strangling its own economy

Unfortunately for business owners and some legal workers, the data in the E-Verify system are frequently wrong or out-of-date, according to numerous reports from the Government Accountability Office and other researchers.

In the federal government’s own experience, mandating use of E-Verify is of questionable utility. A year after the Department of Homeland Security announced that the government itself would use it to check on people it hired, most agencies had not begun to do so. As of November 2007, only five out of 22 offices, bureaus and agencies in the Homeland Security Department itself were using E-Verify.

IMMIGRANTS: Frederick County official seeks to penalize those hiring illegals
By The Associated Press
Wednesday, January 2, 2008

FREDERICK (AP) — A Frederick County commissioner is seeking penalties for local businesses that hire illegal immigrants.

Republican Charles A. Jenkins says new laws in other states designed to curb hiring of illegals encouraged him to develop a similar proposal that he hopes to submit to the Board of County Commissioners in February.


2 thoughts on “Arizona and Tennessee Enact New Law Against Undocumented Migrants Using Questionable Database”

  1. To all you open borders assholes who say you are Democrats too. You can’t have it both ways!

    If you want to post what illegal immigrants think and feel about things. Go to Mexico and publish it. All we need to know is what Americans think and feel about our own security and interests.

    Open letter to all:

    What is your number 1 issue?

    Do you want to lower the federal deficit?

    Do you want reduced Federal spending?

    Do you want lower taxes?

    Do you want reduced unemployment?

    Do you want reduced gasoline prices?

    Do you want to help the environment?

    Do you want lower health insurance costs?

    Do you want a private room and less waiting time when at a hospital?

    Do you want lower hospitalization costs?

    Do you want reduced jail overcrowding?

    Do you want reduced auto insurance costs?

    Do you want safer local parks?

    Do you want your local police to have more effective use of their resources?

    Do you want less traffic on our roadways?

    Do you want to reduce energy usage in our country?

    Do you want housing to be less expensive?

    Do you want your kids to learn more at school?

    Do you want higher real wages for American workers?

    Do you want less vote fraud at election time?

    Do you want to not “Press 1” for English?

    Do you want crowds of 150,000+ foreigners to stop marching in our streets and carrying foreign flags!!!

    Do you want 10-20,000 less Americans a year to not die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you answered “no” to any the above questions, you are a moron and probably a Democrat.

    Illegal Aliens greatly impact every one of these issues costing billions and projected trillions. You need to vote smart. If you are voting for Hillary or Obama, I just need to be honest with you and let you know you are an idiot. (Unless it’s a vote against McCain). And, no offence but, you were probably an idiot before you even considered voting for them. I understand it’s just part of your being. Sorry to hear that. Cum-by-ya dude!

    But, If you are supporting McCain, I urge you to fax or call him and inform him of your ‘Number 1 Issue”.

    Dear John, “It’s Illegal Immigration Stupid!”

    And you must add that you know the dirty little secret about the “Comprehensive Reform” B.S., and; that “No Amnesty” will ever happen without a civil war.

    He should not get your vote until he commits to stopping this madness and gives illegal’s the boot. Several states along with some key court decisions have recently occurred. This has caused mass exits of illegals to neighboring states from states where new laws have revoked the welcome mat. The E-Verify system is working! Period. They may just come to where you live. If these decisions and laws were a National effort, illegals would return to their native homeland on their own. Call this ass-hole and let him know. He is the architect of the “Screw America Forever Bill”, last year with that Rooster Lollipop Kennedy idiot.

    John McCain
    Senate contact form
    Washington Office Phone 202-224-2235
    Washington Office Fax 202-228-2862
    Or use contact form at John

    “If we disenfranchised Stupid People; We’d never see another Democrat in Office”

    “Voting for a Democrat is a form of Self-Sodomy”

    “I HOPE Democrats STAND to CHANGE from Ignorant Morons to Enlightened, Responsible, and Educated voters”

    “Tell Hillary, “Anyone who is 34 has as much experience as her”

  2. The above response only demonstrates how angry and vulgar many anti-immigrant activists are. I guess G Hall thinks that calling people idiots and morons is a great way to promote positive change and will bring people together towards a common goal.

    Regardless how you feel about immigration comments like those above will never lead to anything worthwhile.

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