Patrick Buchanan and the End of America

Though I’m sure I can, and should, expand my Scary Quotes page Patrick Buchanan made the short list of quotes there. He recently released a book titled “Day of Reckoning” where he basically argues that America is on the fast track to destruction for many reasons. Of course, to Patrick, one of the greatest threats to America is the end of the white majority.

Here’s a link to Migra Matters post titled “When the Extreme Becomes Mainstream” on this subject.

Though I don’t want to say every anti-immigrant is racist I will say that what many of these people, especially those leading these hate groups, want to maintain is the white majority in the United States. Whenever these nativist groups conjure up images of “patriots” they are always white. In my opinion a patriot not only fights for his/her country, but also fights for what’s right. At then end of the day a country is just a defined border, a set of laws, and its inhabitants. Human decency and compassion are more universal and have nothing to do with your nationality. When you put nationality before morality you will surely be doing good for no one.

The simple fact is that the United States is a country of immigrants. It has and will always be a place where anyone can come and enjoy freedom. The idea of America is to be an example for the people of other nations so they to can fight for freedom. Many have already been able to do this while even more still have much fighting to do. When the US starts treating migrants with disdain and allowing borderline white supremacists to appear as the voice of the people the US will fail in its effort to be an example to the world. All of us US citizens have to work towards the betterment of the world by promoting compassion in the US. When we fail to exercise our freedom and begin accepting the evil that is growing around us that will lead to the end of the US. The United States has nothing to do with which race of people hold the majority. As long as freedom reigns then the United States will always exist. The people, regardless of race, creed, color, religion, or country of birth, make this country what it is.


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